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Hello everyone
We are setting the pace for embroidery fashion designs with a
glamorous new set called Valentine Fashions. Some of these designer
dresses, with their matching hats and handbags, will fire up a few of
the Red Hat ladies for sure. Great for childrens clothes, cushion
covers, bags etc. Whilst you're browsing and in the fashion mood,
check out some of the other fashion sets like the Wedding, Lingerie,
Applique Dresses, etc.
Also new, is a gorgeous new set of the cutest little Pocket Animals.
Ideal for Valentines party favours, they are stitched completely in
the hoop and each little animal comes with a separate heart shaped
message of love. 'I ruff you' says the Puppy, 'You're beary special'
says the panda. Now what do you think a Kangaroo would say on
Valentines day? Have a peek. There's more and they're all great.
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A Bit of Stitch
at Secrets of Embroidery
with the free Winter Bonus set
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