Embroidery Software Comparison Chart

The current issue of Creative Machine Embroidery, which appeared in
our snailmailbox today, contains a goldmine of information about
embroidery software.
A short article defines terms used to describe software products, but
it's accompanied by a large pullout chart that lists 34 different
embroidery packages, itemizes the 100 or so separately purchasable
modules, and indicates which modules support what functions.
I will try, sometime over the next week or two, to transcribe this
chart into a spreadsheet, which I'll post in
alt.binaries.crafts.pictures and on rapidshare so tht
alt.sewing.mach-embroider readers can access it as well.
Here's a sample of the content (the chart is easier to read as each of
the functions is a column, with check-marks to indicate that the
software has that function).
OESD Explorations Classic
Design Customizing, Stitch Editing,
Monogram or Lettering
OESD Explorations Galaxy
Design Customizing, Stitch Editing,
Design Resizing, Monogram or Lettering,
Design Cataloging
OESD Explorations Lettering
Monogram or Lettering
OESD Explorations Make it Stitches Add-on
Automatic Digitizing
- Herb
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