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Dream Flowers & Applique
Hello everyone Birdhouse Cottage Crafts have a beautiful new set of pastel blue Dream Flowers. These designs are just perfect for adding a delicate touch to your projects. Delightful matching Freebie...
17 years ago
Commercial machines in the UK please
Sick of hearing about all the great commercial Embroidery machines at unbelievably cheap prices in the USA Yet none of them are sold here in the UK that I can find Several places to try for a second...
17 years ago 1
Freehand machine embroidery
I am curious, am I correct or not. I have read quite a few messages on this group, I get the impression that it is only if you have a computerised sewing machine. It is not for free hand on the...
17 years ago 3
help PE5
Hi When I go to the design centre and manipulate a picture I get a message :- please change region sewing direction. and when I try to save it in layout and editing I get the message:-please change...
17 years ago 4
Need Help
Hi, I have a logo, and I want to play with digitizing it, but I need help enlarging it before I can even get started. Can somebody please tell me how to take a jpg image and enlarge it? Right now it's...
17 years ago 2
Dog Designs
Hello everyone We have 2 great new sets, Dog Silhouettes and Dog Applique. Alsatians to Spaniels, bounding puppies to snoozing hounds. If dogs are your thing, then whistle on in. regards, Dianas...
17 years ago
FS Brother Disney Cards "That's Donald" & "Winnie the Pooh"
Brother Disney Cards "That's Donald" & "Winnie the Pooh" $55 each plus $5 shipping. 253) 858-7479 or e-mail
17 years ago
Re: Starting to investigate buying a commercial machine
Thanks for all the suggestions....How about output? Any one machine perform better overall? I'm talking quality not speed.
17 years ago
lace hankies
Try they have a number of different styles,in different prices.
17 years ago
Does anyone know where I might be able to find neoprene material? It is the material that wetsuit's are made out of. Thank you for any help. Does anyone know if this can be sewn on? Thanks for any...
17 years ago 4
Re: version 8 embird
no I mean embird plus manager The newest version is build 6 and can be downloaded from the Embird website, so why do you want build 2? ok I have embird 8 but no build so how do I get build 6 sorry for...
17 years ago 4
Re: Question on Viking 1+ (not Designer) and Ulitmate box
By cassette, do you mean floppy disk? I've never heard of a cassete with designs before? No, not a floppy. Cassette is what Viking calls them in the manual. The Viking 1+ (not the Designer 1) does not...
17 years ago 3
Re: Help...Advice when changing from Rayon to Poly
My machine hates Polyester or Acrylic threads so i only use Rayon .......I have 5 grankids and a daughter who could ruin anything in the wash but all my embroidery has outlasted the fabric of the...
17 years ago 1