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Babies of the Wild & Last week for the GC sale @ BFC !
NEW DESIGNS: All new designs are on INTRODUCTORY PRICING (except fun sets) and all have FREE SAMPLES. *BABIES OF THE WILD* by Fred Everyone loves baby animals and Fred isso great at capturing animals...
13 years ago
Req: oriental elegance from sewterrific
13 years ago
Private instruction in Los Angeles/Long Beach Area
I purchased a Bernina Artista machine for my wife for Christmas. After Christmas I would like to get her some private lessons on use of the machine and the embroidery module. Anybody in the LA area...
13 years ago
I hope someone can give me advice - quickly! I have a Husqvana Rose machine, and haven't used it for a long time. Yesterday I managed to get it working, and did a few tests on scraps, before putting...
13 years ago 8
Gift Certificate Sale Continues @ BFC !
~~~~~~~TIP~~~~~~~~ We all discover little tricks as we go along in our embroidery and stitching. But we often forget them later. An easy way to keep track of them is to send yourself an email message...
13 years ago
Your new Christmas Embroider Machine
I'm standing by to purchase a machine that has been displaced by a new one for your Christmas present! I'm wanting one that I can attack to a PC based computer and doesn't break the bank. I'm in the...
13 years ago
Winter Medley, Fantasy Ladies & Gift Cert. Sale @ BFC !
NEW DESIGNS: All new designs are on INTRODUCTORY PRICING (except fun sets) and all have FREE SAMPLES. *FUN FANTASY LADIES* This is a set to make you smile - it even comescomplete with a Cat Dragon and...
13 years ago
help with font
I need help with the curlz font. I make it bold and change the pull compensation to 0.2mm and it still is not as clear and bold as I need it. You can't even see the curlz on the font. Can anyone...
13 years ago 7
Thanks for letting me join your group
Hi, thanks for letting me join your group where I hope to gain lots of new friends. I hope that you will also visit my website the moment we are running some fantastic specials there.
13 years ago
Help please
I know I have a file of a santa...he's got a cowboy hat on, a tree over his shoulder and a flowing cape and cowboy boots. He's not cartoonish....can someone point me where to look for him? I've...
13 years ago 6
Looking For an Embroidering Card
Hello, My daughter is looking for an embroidery card that does initials where the first initial is small the center initial is large and the third initial is small again. If anyone knows where she can...
13 years ago 2
Plumeria, Tiger & Gift Cert. Sale @ BFC !
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TIP~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you have some Christmas test stitch outs, cut them out in a circle and also cut a circle of felt the same size. Zig Zag the two circles together and then...
13 years ago
AD: New Christmas Critters, BOGO, Free Candycane Letters PQRS Hidden
New Christmas Critter Designs. There are 10 cute little critter designs, one of which is a FSL Gift Tag. these can be seen on the New Design Page. Candycane Letters PQRS are hidden with new hint on...
13 years ago
Tiger, Greyhounds and Gift Cert. Sale @ BFC !
NEW DESIGNS: All new designs are on INTRODUCTORY PRICING (except fun sets) and all have FREE SAMPLES. *GREYHOUNDS* We've had many requests from the great people that adoptgreyhounds to do some...
13 years ago
Husqvarna Designer 1
I have a new Husqvarna Viking Designer 1. Looking for Basic quilting embroidery patterns. Can anyone help. Viking Husqvarna dealers want $105.00 for a set of their patterms. Thanks, Janniefan...
13 years ago 5