Food safe glass info ??

I am just starting in fused glass and using float and Spectrum 96 glass.
I was wondering how safe they are for food, and about any frits or dichoic
glass I add to the surface.
I saw that float frits are made with lead and cadnium. Does this burn off
and make it safe?
If they are encased in clear, would they be safe then?
Where would I find this information on the various glasses and frits and
stringers etc?
Thanks for any info.
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On 5/11/04 12:09 PM, in article
Why not ask Spectrum directly? They should have such info readily available for anybody who asks.
Cheers, Dianne
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The simple answer is that the stuff does not burn off, the lead and cadmium determine the color. If they are encased in clear they may be okay. Normally, the color is put on the outside, so the food does not touch it. In California, glazes and glass must pass a lead test to be sold.
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