Glass Eye 2000

After all these years I finally tried out the demo of the Glass Eye
designing program. Very impressive! The catolog of glass colors and textures
is amazing. Any of you actually use it in real world design work? If so
which version did you spring for? Seems like you can spend anywhere from $99
to $399.
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Kim - I have the proplus and use it for all our design work. It impresses clients when I can change the glass choices at a click and print out a reasonable representation of the finished panel. The autotrace is good for quick input of scanned pics from pattern books and almost instant conversion to a colourable design and rough price estimates. I use the lamp wizard when teaching students how to design lampshades too. HTH Elizabeth in UK Bournemouth Stained Glass
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I have been using Glasseye for several years. I am not a professional studio but I did purchase GEPro w/o lamp wizard. It is an excellent program. I have used it to design and build at least 20 different items and it is so nice to be able to 'try' different ideas without a lot of effort - different colors, etc. I now do all my designing with GlassEye professional.
Tony in Orlando, FL
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I am a semipro glass artist and have been using GE for about 2 years. Presently using Pro w/o lamp designer. I have been extremely happy with it's performance. I had tried some other programs but feel that if I wasn't using GE that I would rather design by hand than using anything else. -KFG
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I'm a somewhat recent purchaser of GE2000 and I have to say I love it. I went for the full Pro Plus edition and found it a snap to learn. I just started playing with it on my own before actually tackling the tutorial and found it incredibly intuitive. (The tutorial, btw, is excellent).
I love the auto-trace feature and have used it to import a line drawing from a pattern book to design a fireplace screen. My favorite faeture tho, is the ability to "try out" different glass colors on your design to get a really good idea what your piece will look like finished. And it helps that once you have your pattern designed and colored in with the glass you want, you can print out a shopping list of exactly how much of each type of glass you need to buy (you can set your own overall 'waste' factor and it will calculate sq foot of each kind of glass you need).
I've just played with the lamp wizard (which is great, too btw), but already have a lamp designed that I want to start on when my screen is finished.
If you have the money, I would suggest to go for at least the Pro edition, since that will give you a very extensive glass library (I believe it's over 2300 actual glass samples from 9 different glass manufacturers) to use as your pallette when you've finished your design and are ready to add glass to it.
Ranger Jack
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Ranger Jack

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