Glow in the Dark Glass Artists

Hey Guys,
I am developing a website for Glow Inc., which sells glow-in-the-dark (photoluminescent) pigment. I am looking for artists that are familiar with using the glow-in-the-dark pigments with various glass mediums.
I am hoping to provide a page or more regarding all the technical aspects of working with photoluminescent pigment and glass. We have had dozens of customers that have reported great success. But our in-house knowledge of the glass mediums is somewhat limited.
I would also like to have pictures of successful photoluminescent glass art projects.
I am hoping to find a few artists that would be willing to exchange some knowledge for a high visibility place to showcase their art online. We would of course recognize the authors and artists. Contact and purchase info for your work would also be included if you would like.
If you want to keep your knowledge to yourself, I would be more tahn happy with just pictures of photoluminescent art.
If anyone is interested, please contact me at
Thanks, Danny Clark Glow Inc.
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Daniel Clark

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