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Glass from hell
I was doing a rose window over the weekend and I got in a wrestling match with some Spectrum red ruby waterglass and it just about whupped me. I produced scrap on about a quarter of the pieces, havin...
12 years ago 12
Copper taping machines
Well here is probably another tired subject. I've heard some speak approvingly of machines that do a good and fast and efficient job of copper taping. I've got a catalog with a Glastar machine. Is ...
12 years ago 15
Tired, tired subject
Hello. I have a Weller 100, 3/8 tip. IT'S TOO HOT and very difficult to work with, very frustrating. Will changing to a smaller 1/4 tip cool the sucker down? Thank You! shawn
12 years ago 27
Write names on glass
Hi Friends, I would like to know how to writr names on glass, as to do a souvenior, lets say 8 inches x 10 inches, with lets say 40 names. and draw a symbol of a business or school. Thanks for your he...
12 years ago 9
Armstrong store in Atlanta
I visited the Armstrong Outlet Store in Atlanta today. Never been there before. It was a great experience. They sell to anybody, including the hobbyist. It's separated into the front show room, wi...
12 years ago 9
Porcelli Lampmaking video
Bought this a couple weeks back but I haven't really been home much to watch it. Finally checked it out this morning. I haven't done a Tiffany lamp yet but it looked really thorough and impressive. ...
12 years ago 2
Charter & (pointer to) FAQs
CHARTER for REC.CRAFTS.GLASS PREAMBLE: The newsgroup was created primarily for the purpose of discussion related to working with glass. In order to improve the mechanism whereb...
12 years ago
No Solder Competition is on!
Newest contest at StainedGlassville will end October 31, 2007. Open to all members.
12 years ago
Glass Eye software
Figure I'd bring this up again since I first asked about stained glass design software. I played with the 30-day trial and immediately bought the Professional version. Wonderful software. Lots of o...
12 years ago
Retail Glass Distributors
Do you know of an online store that will sale all the Spectrum and Kokomo glasses to a hobbyist? If so, I would appreciate the link. This weekend I went through glass samples from both manufacturers ...
12 years ago 32
Newbie Mistakes
I'm making them all, I think. Here's a good one: I bought a fancy pistol-grip cutter with oil in it. Some leaked out overnight because the screw was loose. I tightened it but had oil on the cutter...
12 years ago 15
Grozer/Breaker Tool
Getting back into the craft after many years off, a combo grozer/ breaker tool was recommended and I bought it and am using it. It's got a toothed grip. I just got Porcelli's Lampmaking Book and he ...
12 years ago 7
Luciano OT
I mourn today. I first heard him as an adult. I was working in a customers home and she was playing his records. I was moved to tears. Until then my musical taste was mostly stuck in oldies &...
12 years ago 7
leaded lamp molds, Blatant sales post
This is a post that is blatantly selling something to the only people that may have an interest in the items and in saving money. having said that....... I am considering selling a great many of my ...
12 years ago 7
hydrogen/oxygen mix - help?
Good afternoon Does someone out there have experience of hydrogen/oxygen mix for their minor bench burner? Do you have a flow rate? Pressure? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Warm regards J...
12 years ago 3