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Window reinforcement
I've seen rigid metal reinforcement bars stretching across big windows. I've never used them but I know they are necessary sometimes. Can you recommend a source of information for how the bars are a...
12 years ago 11
Thermal Pane
I visited with a very nice lady at Southern Glass down here at Jacksonville a few days ago. They were using a perimeter spacer and adding a eighth-inch plate of glass to either side, making the panes...
12 years ago 12
ADVERTISEMENT - Glass weaving strip molds
Glass weaving strips - the latest evolution in woven glass. Regular price $20/set Special Introductory offer expires Aug 1/07 Any of the following ...
12 years ago 10
Can I craft glass objects with human blood inside???
I'm a vampire and I want to craft glass objects with human blood inside the glass. How can I do that???
12 years ago 5
Need recommendations for Newbie Lampwork setup....
Would a Propane/Oxy, or MAPP / Oxy mix be the best for fusing glass and making beads / nuggets, etc ? (I'm assuming Oxy / Ace would be too hot and a bit dirty ?) What make / model burner (not sure of...
12 years ago 1
Stained Glass Software
I have got several transom-shaped windows in my house. Stained glass windows to fit inside of them will be my first foray into stained glass. I am not much of an artist, but from all the pattern boo...
12 years ago 11
Opinions on saws
I looked for a FAQ but didn't find one. I imagine this subject has been covered many times, but I would like your opinion. Do the saws do a good job? I read that you can double or triple the layers...
12 years ago 6
Mixing glass types and Tiffany styrofoam forms
Greetings, My name is Michael. This is my first post to the group. I'm just starting in stained glass. Can I mix opalescent and transparent (translucent?) glass in a window, or should I stay with ...
12 years ago 10
Glass Art Society bulletin board
Hi, I'm letting everyone know there are some interesting discussions over at the Glass Art Society bulletin board. I'm hoping to generate some interest in the board among primarily hot glass and fused...
12 years ago
Need a pattern
Got roped into doing something for a friend. I need a pattern for a bee. Like a Georgia Tech yellow jacket bee. Anybody have one or know where I can find one?
12 years ago 3
Hi ,I am looking for a kiln to fuse,slump,cast,ect. There are so many different ones out there and I am afraid of getting the wrong one and being sorry I didn't get a different one, so any advise woul...
12 years ago 6
finding local marble makers
I am interested in contacting people or groups that make handmade marbles. I live in western Pa. Does anyone know of people in my area that do this type of craft? ron
12 years ago 5
Stained Glass and similar Groups ?
Hey there, Now tell me this.... Where is the stained glass group ? Is where those discussions take place ? If so, I'm inclined to agree with "Kalera" and his "Good Lord" posting.....
12 years ago 34
Taurus Ring Saw??
Anybody got one sitting around they want to get rid of? for cheap?
12 years ago 3
Good lord
How is it even possible for a newsgroup to be this dead? Fuck.
12 years ago 36