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$200 For Interview Of Expert Glassblower/Flameworker
Hey folks, I'm looking to interview an expert glassblower for 30-45 minutes and ask him/her a series of questions related both Glassblowing and Flameworking. You will need to have expert knowledge o...
12 years ago 10
recycled glass
I have a lot of glass to recycle. I went to a class years ago where we used float with some colorants and glass powders in slumping & fusing. My hope is I can slump some for wildlife related lamp s...
12 years ago 2
First try at bead making
Alright I bought some glass and some bead release. I had some old stainless steel rods laying around I used for mandrels. All is good so far I have a MAPP gas torch I was using (it is for soldering...
13 years ago 12
msntv did
they shut it all down and stole our posts. along with alot of other groups on webtv
13 years ago 1
green granite opal needed
I'm looking for a square or 2 of a mint green granite. It's a bent panel from a big old fruit lamp. Wissmach or Kokomo, but can't find a number for it. Kind of dense looking opal, until you hold...
13 years ago 4
Hey Moon
Mail to you is bouncing back. You there or did you head for the hills?
13 years ago
Glass stars
Does anyone know of a place to purchase 5 inch clear glass star ornaments? They are a discontinued item from a company called Provo Craft. I need several and can not find them locally. Thank You
13 years ago
New Glass Fusing Studio Opening in Elizabeth Colo.
13 years ago 2
glass necklace needs repair
Hi, I bought a glass circular neck piece with an off-center hole through which a cord went. The cord pulled out of the finding and the glass piece fell and broke. It was in two layers. The piec...
13 years ago 3
FA: Variety Rare Schauer, Blythe, jewelry enamel, glass-fusing ..1 KILO pack
13 years ago
New Here
Found this group today so i thought i would just say hello. Seems to be a bit slow here so i probably won't stop in too often. At least it's nice to know theres a glass group. I do mosaics, would like...
13 years ago
What's it called???
I made a stained glass wall hanger thingy. It is 14 by 24 inches and it is a lighthouse. I made a frame that is 1 inch thick by 3 inches wide. And has a back on it and lights inside. It can be h...
13 years ago 7
New Glass Fusing Studio Opening in Austin,TX
Helios Kiln Glass Studio will be opening in Austin soon. Compatible glass (lots of it), equipment, supplies and kilns. Begining to advanced classes including top international guest instructors. We...
13 years ago
Found glass glue
The wife had a perfume bottle made in China and the stopped was glued to the top, and she dropped it cleaning and broke it off, so I ask in here and got some good tips, was at Lowes buying some other ...
13 years ago 6
refinishing glass vase
Hi all, Is there any way to refinish the inside of a glass vase that has been etched(?) near the top by the water it has held? Thanks, Kerry
13 years ago 3