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glass glue
what is good brand name glue for gluing glass to glass that will hold up to everyday use....thank you
13 years ago 3
outdoor glass
Is it not a good idea to make outdoor stainglass out of copper foil? Just use zinc or lead?
13 years ago 11
make a glass furnace using petroleum coke
dear readers we are manufactures of glass marbles in india . we will to get a knowhow of making a furnace for producing glass marbles non stop using petroleum coke or furnace oil. cost of fuel should ...
13 years ago 1
Beautiful Glass Decor!
Hey everybody:) I just found an awesome site that I thought I'd share. They have all sorts of cute gifts and decor items. You'll find something for everybody. The url is ....
13 years ago 3
Job opportunity
Botti Studio located Evanston, Il.. Accepting resumes experienced stained glass bench glaziers. Minimum of seven (7) years experience accredited Stained Glass Association of America studio or equiva...
13 years ago
Business up for sale
Now don't get too excited or depressed, but I'm toying with the idea of packing it in, and changing careers from SG to something else. Aside from inventory, the building is worth the major amount...
13 years ago 6
Wouldn't be nice
Wouldn't it be nice if the crap level of this news group were a lot closer to zero than 90% as it is now? -- Mike Firth Furnace Glassblowing Website
13 years ago 1
Newbie needs help cutting glass
Greetings All, I downloaded the most recent 1000 posts and didn't see the answers I need. So I'm asking. Here's the setup: I'm having a house built on a limited budget and there are several thi...
13 years ago 8
job opportunity
Botti Studio located in Evanston, Il. (just north of Chicago) is accepting resumes for experienced stained glass bench glaziers. Applicants should have a minimum of seven (7) years experience in conse...
13 years ago 4
What kind of ventilation should you have to do bead work? If I want to work in my basement will I have any issues? My basement is 60 x 32. about 1/3 of it is a woodworking shop and I have a metal wo...
13 years ago 4
Troch Question
I just got interested in Glass working by reading through my daughter's bead magazine. There was an article on making beads from glass (lampwork I think is the term they used). I am an amateur blacks...
13 years ago 7
putting panel in frame
I made a panel 18 by 24 inches, I want to it in a window frame. should i put a piece of clear glass in front of and behind the panel, (sandwich the panel). I used the foil method on the panel than...
13 years ago 4
Hi Guys, I'm quite new to glass fusing, I got my first kiln a few months ago and have had great fun making jewellery and bowls etc. I'm having a bit of a problem with my findings though, I read a wh...
13 years ago 4
Fusing Question - decals, glassline pens, fusible papers
Hi, all! Curious if anyone has used and/or has knowledge of the chemistry of the current flood of fusible decals, papers and "pens". As far as the fusible pens, I have assumed (maybe unfairly?) th...
13 years ago
Crafting 4 Free
Another craft site? Yes it is! This one is for YOU, whether you are a beginning crafter or an experienced one. Whether you are looking for ideas, have one to share, need help finding patterns or mat...
13 years ago