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New website
After years of making & selling jewellery at local markets & ebay I have launched my website. Love you to take a look and tell me what you think. It is called Running Wild Jewellery because it started...
13 years ago 2
Sorta OT---but Priceless
A teacher noticed that young Dennis, at the back of the class, was squirming around, scratching his crotch, and not paying attention. She went back to find out what was going on. Dennis was quite emb...
13 years ago
Craft Supplies
for serious arts and crafts people
13 years ago 1
hand blown
Have a pricess house cake plate with two bottoms to it got it in the 70's does anyone know what its value would be?
13 years ago 6
One of those weeks...
ever have a week when the simplest project turns into a major undertaking? Start out to repair 2 broken pieces in a door panel and break 3 more in the process? And cut yourself twice? And that's j...
13 years ago 10
Hot Glass Horizons Corning '07
Hot Glass Horizons Corning '07 May 2 - 5, 2007 Corning, NY. Hot Glass Horizons is the Granddaddy seminar event for glass fusing and other hot glass techniques. Our 26th HGH event is better than ev...
13 years ago
OK guys
Well, i have finally got a photo of D'B's old lady in a thong! Y'all know how bad i am at computer stuff so i don't know how to do a link but if any of y'all care to e-mail me direct i would happily...
13 years ago 6
CALL TO ARTISTS Artchestra, a juried online boutique that sells original fine art creations is accepting applications for new artists to sell on its website. To submit an application to Artchestra...
13 years ago
handmade goods by local artists at fair prices?
I'm looking for an eclectic mix of unique items crafted by independent artists based in North America. Functional art made from new and reclaimed wood, metal, glass and textiles. for People. for Pl...
13 years ago 2
Re: Debrady caption contest
How about "Dennis? Brock's on the phone!" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
13 years ago 12
Silver stain suppliers
Besides Reusche, and any re-sellers of Reusche stain.... There used to be an "Ancient Walpole" stain by someone out of New Hampshire......Cliff Oster? but I see no mention of him or his stains in t...
13 years ago 2
Thong Protest
I'm launching an official protest. Seems like every post I start degrades into a DB bashing, or thong parade. At least have the common courtesy to post some pix! Us poor older SG guys need some ...
13 years ago 3
St. Just Antique?
Does anybody know what the sheet size of St. Just Antique is? I need a piece at least 13"x 54" to replace some glazing in a curio cabinet?
13 years ago 2
anybody going to coconut grove???
would love to talk with someone that is going or has!! thks
13 years ago 4
I'm a TV Star!
One of the HGTV do it yourself type shows will be shooting an EP on SG at my studio in a couple of weeks. I'm sure I'll get on camera and make a fool of myself for 90 seconds or so after it's edi...
13 years ago 27