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Does anyone know these guys?
I have had a couple of clients ask me about these guys and don't know what to say. They let you design a piece of stained glass on their site and order it - they make it and ship it. They can do a...
13 years ago 13
New Jersey stained glass store
I haven't been in the new group for a very long time, but I know you are the folks who will most likely know the answer to my question. A few years ago I gound a large stained glass store in New Jers...
13 years ago 4
DVD Instruction for glass work?
Hello, Can anyone recommend a good instructional DVD for beginners? I'm looking at general work with copper foil. Thank you Nicolena
13 years ago 1
HGH, Glass Expo
Have any of you been to the Hot Glass Horizons conferences (Corning, Portland) or the Glass Craft and Bead Expo (Las Vegas)? What did you think of them? Worth the money?
13 years ago 6
Jewelry Displays?
Anyone have suggestions for jewelry diplays wholesale? Looking for earing displays, necklaces and bracelets. Thanks for your time
13 years ago 14
beware of cabinet company
All, beware of a cabinet company called Gourmet Kitchens Design based out of Sacramento, CA and has an office in Danville, ca. The owner Rick is a crook, who writes bad checks. He is untrustworthy a...
13 years ago
lamp hardware
hi all, I am new to SG and am making stain glass lamps. I got a book called "inner Glow" it shows how to make a matching lamp base out of SG. I love these lamps but I am having trouble finding the l...
13 years ago 4
Looking for lampwork supplies
Been waiting forever to get started and only need to order O2 tank and kiln. I could use most tools like graphite or small marble molds. Anyone got some extra stuff available-- let me know. Kevin ...
13 years ago
Stained Glass Contest
Hi Everybody, There is a contest going on at Stained Glassville. All are welcome to compete... hopefully it'll be lots of fun with various perspectives of our art. Stop by the Glasser Coliseum Forum ...
13 years ago 4
painting glass
would like some info on painted design's on game machines, like pinball, etc. I know they are painted on the inside of the glass, but is it a special glass paint or can any paint be use? Thank you ...
13 years ago 5
sliver back foil
Does anyone else have problems with this stuff, it dont stick to the glass, I have no problem with black, and copper tape, just the sliver, and if you dont have a problem what brand name tape are u us...
13 years ago 5
The Angry Mandrel site: is it down for the holidays? Although it may be crude and tasteless; the vendor beware section is priceless. GW
13 years ago 3
Re: Advertisement - Gaffer Glass co-op order
Isn't Gaffer the company, when queried about you, said "Dennis who?"
13 years ago 1
Re: Advertisement - KILN SALE
And if it holds true to form, delivery will begin in July or August. All the while, Shady Brady will be sitting on your hard earned money and making excuses about how busy AIM is. Pay in advance ...
13 years ago
kiln repair
Hi all, I'm have replaced the elements in my old Aim kiln. I need some help with the electrical part. First the elements did not heat up so I messed the washer placement on one set and blew the circui...
13 years ago 7