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FS : CHEAP!! Glass ROD
AS this is the only group of people POSSIBLY interested in making use of this stuff, I am making you aware of this MATERIAL used in CREATING glass art... If there are beadmakers here? Yeah right! ...
13 years ago 20
Glue for Jewelry - At my wit's end...
Hey, I have been attempting to glue silver bails to fused glass and I have had nothing but problems... Tried superglue... got brittle and they basically fell off. Tried Goop... got rubbery and they ...
13 years ago 16
Mosaic Tile Videos
Here are some videos of working with mosaic tile:
13 years ago
Suspend objects
All the novelty stores sell all kinds of chochkeys made of glass with objects, 3d reliefs, etc. inside of them. How do they do it?
13 years ago 6
Happy Holidays
Time to put down those shards of glass and implements of destruction, and join me in wishing all a happy Chanukah, (started last night), and Christmas! Have a great and prosperous new year folks. ...
13 years ago 5
Stained glass cartoons
Looking for copyes of old stained glass cartoons
13 years ago 4
Silver stainen fring temp
What's the firing temp for silver stain. thanks Liam
13 years ago 9
Aluminum powder?
Hi folks, I'm just getting started with fusing and was able to get a bunch of equipment and supplies from someone going out of business dirt cheap. They threw in about 400 lbs. of aluminum powder. ...
13 years ago 7
Critical Dimensions For Mixing Venturi?
Hello. Does anyone know what parts of a gas inspirator (venturi) primarily affect the fuel/air ratio? I've tried searching high and low for the answer to this and can't find it anywhere. It seems l...
13 years ago 4
The Future of our Lead use up for grabs -- JK Sinrod
13 years ago 4
Encouraging Devitrification
Hi, I am doing some fusing work that is devitrifying unevenly (some bits scratchy, some glossy)... I have tried the 'homemade' borax devit solution, but it doesn't seem to work with this glass... My ...
13 years ago 27
Kramer - must see! -- JK Sinrod
13 years ago 1
Craft Show
On March 17th, 2007 the Texas Sugar Land Lions Club will present an indoor Arts & Craft show free to the public. We are accepting applications for this event from qualified crafters and media artists...
13 years ago
Lead from Glass
Hi If a glass sample has 60% lead content Is it possible to extract the lead from glass. And if so how :) regards AndrewK
13 years ago 8
picture frame
I am making a stained glass picture frame as a Christmas gift, but I need some advice on how to put a back on it so it will stand on a shelf/counter. I've seen one with a 2 triangular shaped glass ...
13 years ago 5