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Need some Gecko Glass
I need about 6 feet or so of some Gecko glass PT549IR. It's a carmel irid. Houston GlassCraft is out and they said they aren't going to order it in anymore. Anybody got some...please!!!! Andy
13 years ago 4
Have you ever seen a Stangl kiddieware set still in it's original box?
Hi everyone, I have been collecting stangl kiddieware for a long time but I had never seen a set in it's original box. I found the box in a trunk in the attic of an old farmhouse in northern Vermont...
13 years ago 3
Charter & (pointer to) FAQs
CHARTER for REC.CRAFTS.GLASS PREAMBLE: The newsgroup was created primarily for the purpose of discussion related to working with glass. In order to improve the mechanism whereb...
13 years ago
Re: I am looking for a company that can make some glass balls for us.
Debrady should be all over this with his master skill and the ability to ship container loads of glass internationaly.
13 years ago 16
Blend your own enamels? requires flash
13 years ago 8
Glass Software/ techniques?
I'm interested in some software recommendations or (how- to- use techniques) that will easily and simply let me scan a photo and convert it to a SG pattern. My objective is to be able to scan a hard-...
13 years ago 15
My portfolio..
please feedback.. :)
13 years ago 1
Handmade artwork, glass, fused glass near Portland Oregon
Does anyone have any good pointers to handmade crafts near Portland, OR? Primarily I'm interested in fused glass, glass beads, stained glass windows, or glass vases.
13 years ago 1
Are you on high ground? The creeks are rising.
13 years ago 12
Black plate glass
Back in the old days they used to cover store fronts with thick glass panels. I'm looking for some black plate. I've got blue and gray. Need 3'x3'. Anybody have any leads? Jack
13 years ago 23
This ought to last me a while....
13 years ago 2
reductions on Murano glass jewelry
Would you like to have genuine Murano glass jewelry at great prices? Then host an online jewelry party at Parisii! It's simple. Just contact me with the dates you'd like to host the party (2 weeks is ...
13 years ago 1
Heading North in a couple weeks, Anyone here know of any cool glass related things one must do/see whilst in chilly Philly ? m nomorespam@noserver
13 years ago 3
Other glass crafts ......?
Now I have delurked I would be curious to know if there are other sand carvers out there. For my part my glass engraving evolved from a wholesale crystal & glass distribution business to specialisi...
13 years ago 15
Borosilicate Glass Rods 10 pieces 14mm x 1220mm
I've got HUNDREDS of glass tubes and rods. If you use them, or know of someone who does, this is the deal of the century! I've listed three of them on eBay - here is one link:
13 years ago