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Embellished Beveled Glass Frames FREE S&H
Embellished Beveled Glass Frames FREE S&H 5 new ones added this week at my site on Etsy please visit today
11 years ago
glue for pendants
I am wondering what is the best glue for adhering bails to glass pendants. I have tried E6000, but a lot of the bails come off and I have to redo them. Thanks, Christine Click here to see my Glass...
11 years ago 1
Wanted: Used Odyssey Mold
I'm pretty new to stained glass, taking classes for 6 months now, have several projects behind me. I've also just completed my first lamp, and I'm looking to do a more challenging lamp for my next pr...
11 years ago 3
wanted stainglass patterns
mermaids, sea, fishes, flowers, poodles, yorkie, and anything u have to offer.. thanks send to
11 years ago
Cutting mirror with glass cutter...?
Hi, I'm still learning a lot, so I don't know this - cabn a regular type of mirror be cut with a plain glass gutter, like on can do with stained glass? If not, does one need a special cutter? if ...
11 years ago 10
Glass grinders.
I work in etched glass, not stained. But I like to work with odd shapes, so I've considered a glass grinder, and I have a few questions. I'm curious as to how badly the edge is chipped after its be...
11 years ago 10
Recommended books re: warm/kilnworking glass?
Hi, All, I took a Fusing class, and I'd like to gatehr a few books fro additional ideas, info on techniques, and so on. Can anyone can recommend some good books (i.e. useful info plus decent photo...
11 years ago 2
new to beading
Hi all..i'm new to beading and i just love it!!! i'm soooo!! i've ordered this book a friend of mine recommended it! I found it at beadedjew...
11 years ago 5
Sandblasting videos I hope you'll forgive a brief plug: I manage the video library at We're now in our fourth year of renting out instructional and craft videos online, and deliver...
11 years ago
Searching For A Pattern: Supperman "S" Logo
Hi folks I'm trying to find a pattern for the "S" that Superman wears on his chest. I've been working on a pattern based on images found online but so far I'm just not all that happy with the result...
11 years ago 2
pre-cut glass shapes
ArtsyAllyKat....I found the pre-cut glass shapes for soldered jewelry on You can find all the supplies you willl need at this site. I looked for a long time on the net, but finally re...
11 years ago
Are there any Glass Folks in...
southeast Tennessee? In or near Chattanooga? Please contact me.
11 years ago
glass beads
Do most people that do beading make their own glass beads, or do they just buy them? --
11 years ago 6
Glass to metal seal
I hope my question is within the topic of this group. Could anyone tell me if glass tubing can be fused to stainless steel tubing with a hermetic seal? If so, are there special techniques/methods th...
11 years ago 5
Cylinder vase
Anybody know a source for a glass cylinder vase 12"D x 22"H? Jack
11 years ago 8