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The Former JK Glassman cometh
Hey what's shakin' folks? Looking forward to hearing the latest on the industry, etc. I'm guessing prices are up up up, and the regulars are still hangin in there? Should I take my stimulous chack...
11 years ago 6
Finding glass by Valentino?
I am trying to replace some glasses which I use. They are tourquoise-blue and have a distinctly curved appearance and apparently were made by a company called Valentino. Or the line was called Vale...
11 years ago 1
Participation in the group.
It's odd to call other posters bullies. We're just little words on a pc screen, just emails. Only one glassworker I know has ever posted to this group. I'm just another old turkey, doing glass by my...
11 years ago 4
Ir filtration system - any recommendations?
Hi, ALl, I was wondering whether anyone is familiar with air- filtration/fume hood type systems suitble for a very small in-home glassworking bench. Best would be somehting that coudl be lifted onto...
11 years ago 16
FS Odyssey Lamp molds
2/3 of wholesale price, you name the pattern, if I have it, it's yours at a bargain price. I have most of them and multiple copies of some. This is the only post I will make about them, don't want t...
11 years ago
Can you help me identify the artist?
Hi Group I am trying to shed some light on the artist who created this lovely piece and what it is called. The colours in my photos are fairly close. There are some hand engraved inscriptions on t...
11 years ago 3
Weatherproofing copper foil...?
Hi, I want to make sme fixtures for outdoors. I'm doing copper foil. Can the patina and whatnot be weatherproofed in any way? I thought about paste- waxing the lead lines, or lacquering the whoe...
11 years ago 15
Etching a complex design
Hello, I have started some simple glass etching, and right now I am simply using Armour Etch on top of contact paper. I trace a design onto the contact paper, and then cut out areas out with a razor. ...
11 years ago 4
FA: NORTHWOOD "tree trunk" funeral vase (circa 1908)
11 years ago 5
Thanks for looking - I know this is not an ad group!
I have a few glassware items for auction that may be of interest to some newsgroup readers. A set of cut or pressed glass candle holders, a piece of Murano mid century table glass, an elegant vase ...
11 years ago 7
Line drawings
Here's a good place to start: Jack
11 years ago 1
Pattern Request
I am looking for a pattern or line drawing of a barn or barn setting. My plan is to make a fireplace screen with a barn setting on it. Can any one direct me where to get such a thing. The alternati...
11 years ago 1
Glass Campus Tutorials
Another bunch of new articles and a great Tutorial on how to make Kilnformed Flashed Glass.
11 years ago 22
so what do you think of the price of gas in the US ?
anything to generate some chatter, y'all are getting boring.... -- m
11 years ago 11
Polished Zinc Came?
I have to build some sidelites and a transom to match an existing door. The door's zinc has been polished almost to look like chrome, then insulated. Nobody around here has any pre-polished or plat...
11 years ago 6