Unique 3D stained glass table lamps

Hello, I represent Colorful Glass Creations. We have created a new 3D textures stained glass technique that we use in creating our handcrafted hardwood table lamps.
You can view photos, buy our lamps, and place custom orders all from our website at
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Please check out our work! (and show it to your friends and family if you like it.) Also reply to let me know what you think about it : )
Thank you in advance!
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Darn, why didn't I think of selling my stuff here, to other glass people , who MAKE stuff in glass themselves? Those would be the perfect demographics to go after, people that craft in glass already, on a Newsgroup that is well known for it's tolerance of such things....
yeah, right...
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Hi All
I know it's cruel - but I couldn't help chuckling at the op's phrase
"I call my lamps ?Night Bloomers?
Which highlights (no pun intended) the dangers of having two countries, divided by a common language.
In (older) British usage - 'bloomers' are not only flowers - but also a rather large and loose variety of ladies underwear - so is he saying that his creations are 'pants' ?? (think that translates back into US English ..?)
Many years ago, a UK company I was consulting for was highly delighted to see that their US distributor had created an expensive glossy brochure, describing their portable videoconference equipment as 'a mobile convenience'. In the UK - this would be one of those little plastic 'kiosks' containing a chemical toilet that you find at outside events.....!
Coming back on-topic - what's the special (patent pending) process ? Looks like stained glass offcuts glued onto sheets of opaque glass - to my uneducated eye....
Adrian Suffolk UK ======return email munged================= take out the papers and the trash to reply
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Adrian Brentnall
"Adrian Brentnall" wrote in message news: snipped-for-privacy@4ax.com...
"Night Undies", works for me, like the "bloomers" thing better.
Probably patented the pouring of castable clear resin onto glass, nobody has ever done that before, thank goodness,
BUT far be it from me to deride someone's attempt to earn a living, but they sure won't get much of one on this Newsgroup, not when everyone, including me, is always looking "for the cheapest way to ...." should be amusing....
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Aw, geez. This is ALMOST as tawdry as a stained glass sailboat. Looks like a still-life lava lamp with indigestion.
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If the lamps are 10x24 (look bigger, but that's what they say) then the panels are about 5x10 and 5x8. should be easy to make. from the glare pattern there is a single light bulb inside.
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Mike Firth

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