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PANEL and DOME shade makers...need an opinion
I have developed a workable, easy to use and set up jig (or fixture) that will enable one to level and solder panel lamps and small domes. the shade can be leveled on a rod and held in place thus...
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Re: off topic, Happy Fourth
Thanks, Michele. In the spirit of fun, here's another, though not as nicely based on Independence Day. I don't know how to do links. Have to copy and paste. for the entire screen to load up with all...
17 years ago
Old glass receipts
The readers of this newsgroup may be interested in this entry from an old book, the Household Cyclopedia of 1881: page has information under the following headings: To Manufacture Glass, Glass for...
17 years ago
Lampworking listserv or web based group?
Anyone know a lampworking yahoo group or listserv? Or anyone want to give me advice about my first torch? I am looking to buy my first torch and want to talk to some lampworkers before i decide if i...
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Hot Glass Horizons
Looking for infomation of the Portland HGH? GR hotglasshorizons |
17 years ago
Re: Photographing Stained Glass
By way of at least partial closure on the question regarding copyright of the designs here is an update. I emailed two major studios, Willet & Hauser and Lamb and I am pleased to say that both of...
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AD-July 26-27, 2003 Atlanta, GA Dixie Classic Intergalactic Bead Festival
Dixie Classic Intergalactic Bead Festival Atlanta, GA July 26-27, 2003 10AM - 5PM Saturday, July 26 and Sunday, July 27 - North Georgia Fairgrounds - Jim R. Miller Park - 2245 Callaway Rd. SW...
17 years ago
AD-July 19-20, 2003 Tallahassee, FL Gulf States Intergalactic Bead Festival
Gulf States Intergalactic Bead Festival Tallahassee, FL July 19-20, 2003 10AM - 5PM Saturday, July 19 and Sunday, July 20 Elks Lodge - 276 N. Magnolia Dr. Tallahassee, FL From I-10 Exit 209A west on...
17 years ago
I recently recieved a virus stating it was from Microsoft. (Not true) I noticed that a number of people from this newgroup were also listed as recipients. Just a heads up to those who may not have...
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How to make your glass even prettier
I am selling a glow fluid or your glass works please look at it and tell me if it is ok to post this to this news group URNOT1 and nope
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PRINCESS HOUSE - Pumpkin Entertainment Set for sale
Have the Princess House Pumpkin Entertainment Set for sale, asking $45.00 OBO. It's a discontinued/retired set, so you can't get it at this price (or any other) anymore. Shipping will be about $10.00...
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Re: Very small scratches in computer screen
I have already scratched off the coating and now what is left is very very small scratches all over the screen.. so you guys think i should chuck it out? I seriously doubt it will blow up/implode......
17 years ago 5
New crafts group
Everyone welcome at this brand new group for crafts - discussions, patterns, hints, tips etc.. Come and take a peek. Store photos and docs online. Access them from any PC, Mac or phone. Create and...
17 years ago
Re: Cleaning Glass
Hi Rick Try methylated spirits... Its a good degreaser and evaporates away. Hope this helps. Mark. After washing it try hard to only touch the edges (now you'll see why we grind them) and you should...
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Re: What to see in the Northwest
i believe he left on June 28th...... m "Michele Blank" Dats true but...he did say he'd be gone for 6 weeks so he might be able to have net access somewhere. :-)...A
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