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Polishing pads - name, mfgr...?
Hello, I had seen some polishing pads, useful for buffing the edges of fused glass & so on. The oduct is like a sponge, as the diamond-embedde dpolishing pad on one side. Can anyone tell me what they...
11 years ago 6
FS: SGAA reference and Tech manual
The only people that may have an interest in this is right here, so for those that want to update their library on the cheap... this 2 thick volume SGAA reference and technical manual, printed...
11 years ago 10
Lava cloth
Has anyone here used lava cloth with irrid. glass? I was wondering if I would have to use a higher temp. because the irrid. coating is rather stiff. I haven't used lava cloth but have done kiln...
11 years ago 1
Looking for truck with glass rack
I'm interested in finding a 2003 or newer GM or Dodge van with an exterior mounted glass rack. Possibly would consider a pickup with a glass rack. Not interested in any Ford products. If you happen to...
12 years ago
Double-glazed units & stained glass ?
HI Folks I've been asked about providing some 'double-glazed' units with my tiffany-style, copper-foiled, panels 'sandwiched' in-between. The local glazing company is very happy to do the 'sandwiching...
12 years ago 6
Sea Glass
Hello, I am a jewelry designer/creator. I have started making jewelry with sea glass. If you are interested in seeing my work, please visit ! You searched for: BorealisSeaGlass! Discover the unique...
12 years ago
cutting surface
I'm looking at a table made of a sheet of plywood for cutting on, 1" thick and very hard, but I've been offered a formica bar countertop. It's hard and smooth, plus even the smallest flakes and shards...
12 years ago 17
Thermal shock - URGENT - PLEASE HELP
Hi, I'm planing to build sunrom, wintergarden or etc... I have plan to have some dark wals maded from glass outside ( ISO 4 mm sand brushed float + 4 mm mirror ) and rigips / knauf and terwool inside....
12 years ago
Thermal Expansion
I know different types of glass expand differently, and it is not wise to fuse together dissimilar pieces, but does anyone know of a place where you can get facts and figures on what expands and...
12 years ago 1
'Serious' soldering iron - recommendations please ?
HI Folks My usual weapon of choice is a temperature-controlled Weller 100W iron - which works very well for tiffany-style suncatchers, tealights and so on. Recently, I've been getting more commissions...
12 years ago 11
How to make glass beads
Here is a simple how to about basic bead making.
12 years ago
Need a source of Custom Bevels
I am working on a stained glass project, custom size for a door panel. I am in need of a set of mitered corners. I am looking to find a set of 1x2 mitered corners or a place where I can order a custom...
12 years ago 5
Hey Chemo! let's not steal the guys thread Zing Brush!
About that brush, if you likt the Pzazz you'll love the Zing, at least , we do. Notice the machine that runs it, not a drill, but a variable speed polisher/Sander from Harbor Freight, (cheap), or...
12 years ago 3
Does Anyone Here Do Neon (It's Enclosed In Glass!)?
Well, the Subject line says it all, at least for now. Actually, I need to know what size drill to use to open up a LP screen on my ribbon burner for use with Natural Gas. Jeez, this ng has been kinda...
12 years ago 9
Help needed for our categories; please!
Hello all, Excuse me barging in, I am hoping you experts can help. I am the Network Manager for Kaqoo. We are introducing an "Arts & Crafts" > "Glass" category and I wish to know which sub-categories...
12 years ago