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Needlework meets Quilting
this format, some or all of this message may not be legible. --B_3305789551_30574239 Content-type: text/plain; charset="ISO-8859-1" Content-transfer-encoding: 8bit So, I thought I¹d share somethin...
11 years ago
Not on Topic at all
Dear Friends I am collecting my coke rewards.I will take all the codes I can get.I am the only one in my household that drinks coke Do you drink any of the following.I am saving the codes I also sa...
11 years ago 8
For the last two weeks, Teranews has apparently accepted my posts, but failed to put them up. This a.m., I tried something on alt.sewing and it appeared!! Let's see if this one does. Olwyn Mary...
11 years ago 2
Christmas Stocking - Needlepoint
For the book I'm writing I would like to have a character be needlepointing a Christmas stocking - a really nice, big one, with a steam locomotive theme. Santa as an engineer, a locomotive with a C...
11 years ago 4
If you are shipping Christmas gifts, you have approximately 50 days to finish stitching them. Please don't shoot the messenger. -- Karen C - California Editor/Proofreader www.IntlProofingConsor...
11 years ago 2
My News -
On topic only because of where I worked. I quit - due mostly to some issues with schedules and lack of notice of changes to said same. The store manager said this is the first time some one ever ga...
11 years ago 20
Ping: Becky Andresen
Have you received my emails about the Qsnaps? Please let me know if you are still interested.
11 years ago 2
Table stands
Can anyone recommend a good table stand? I've seen ones that sit on the table and one that clamps to the table. Is one style better than another? Thanks kindly. Cheers, -- Laury Walkey (Miss)...
11 years ago 12
Fiber Arts & Animals Festival - Marshall, Michigan
Hello group, An eclectic group of fiber artists will be demonstrating their craft and exhibiting their wares. Each exhibitor provides either free information and/or live fiber producing animal exh...
11 years ago
Hey - folks along the Canadian Maritimes
Let us know you're OK. Cheryl
11 years ago 8
Hi Guys, So -- what has happened while I have been gone? I got loads accomplished while at the cabin in Lizard Land, mostly quilting and sewing for the SMDGD tho'! I did get everything bu...
11 years ago 6
Shana Tova = good year to all ,,, mirjam
11 years ago 9
Happiness is
- having the right size open back frame, a can of dark green spray paint to tone down the fake gold colour, and a sharp Xacto knife to finish the $10 bargain bought at seminar - an invitation to ...
11 years ago 54
Scrapbook Game
I thought this was cute. A scrapbooking video game! lol I played the whole game and had a lot of fun. Just wanted to share.
11 years ago
Laurey - I forgot to say...
on that cat: I put the pink 'halo' around his head, with half an idea of just making it a small round design and forgetting the body which got real boring. I was just trying to shorten the proje...
11 years ago 5