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OT On to bagels Re: OTElection campaign was:P Hannah
On 9/9/08 7:02 AM, in article f--dnXa_odxFylvVnZ2dnUVZ, Sadly, the best bagels we get around here are at a Stop and Shop that has several signs declaring "Kos...
11 years ago 3
Forget part of my stitching/hockey connection on Sunday
Joined DH at the rink to watch DS play on Sunday afternoon. Walk up, say hi to a few of the parents I know. (very few on this team) I start to sit down and see Marianne Anderson, late of this group...
11 years ago
Michael's Needlework section
I was in my Michael's this weekend looking for some floss and saw they were clearing even MORE out of the needlework section - so I asked what's up? They are downsizing it - sounds like it's going ...
11 years ago 20
Busy weekend - some stitching involved
Well, it was busy - DS's hockey team had it first two games (won both, a win for each goalie), DD had her first team skate, I worked, I read, I stitched a little. Pin stretched a few pieces for oth...
11 years ago 6
Gillian! More stash for you!
Bothy Threads has several new cutaways - here's one for you!'s also a North Pole one and a lighthouse. I saw them at ABCStitch Therapy - You can see them on this pag...
11 years ago 4
Re: OT: Election campaign was :P Hannah
"Dr. Brat" wrote Unfortunately, without good quality news analysis, I have even heard commentators in this country saying in effect "Boy, she really gave it to them. We need someone like her in...
11 years ago
LNS Near Hershey PA or Elizabethtown
To all, Hi, I will be visiting Hershey/Elizabethtown PA for the RV Show. I was wondering if there is a LNS in the area? Thanks Sue in MD
11 years ago 4
Mexican Dress Pattern
That dress is beautiful, it look like it would keep you busy for a while. Has anyone tried to do yokes and cuff, etc on a western shirt? I want to make shirts for my kids for Christmas (7 year old...
11 years ago 3
EGA seminar report
For the most part, it was absolutely fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!! Louisville was hosting an ironman triathlon last Sunday and had very poor traffic control in the downtown area. It took us almost 2 hours...
11 years ago 5
OT Canada headed for an election too
No surprises here, the PM has just dissolved parliament and we are headed for an election on October 14. At least ours are mercifully brief. I leave to go to the UK on the 7th so I just may get a ...
11 years ago 11
Decorative Home Garden Ornaments To Enhance Your Home Decor
11 years ago
OFF TOPIC - Hanna has blown through NH
No wind damage. Lots of localized and street flooding. I have water in my basement. Heard the power blip around 3 AM. NH seems to have survived relatively intact. Some areas had 6 plus inches of ra...
11 years ago 3
Re: OT: Election campaign was :P Hannah
Jangchub ( writes: Luckily, it looks like Josepine is not going to follow Ike. The weather reports indicate that it is dissipating. Jim.
11 years ago
Alicia ? are you Ok?
I thought Alicia is in the path of this Huricanes ? Anyone heard from her ?
11 years ago 5
The fringe winds are swirling here and I am wondering if Cheryl and Bratty are silent today because Hanna is lashing around there prior to arriving here first thing tomorrow. If they have lost pow...
11 years ago 8