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Off Topic - need a line a helmet bag
Ok DD's new helmet FINALLY arrived. Now to keep it as "pretty" as possible, I want to make a helmet bag. I have some tube knit fabric in blue and something to make a casing and draw string. NOW - to...
11 years ago 1
Re: OT: reality check for Karen C.
Oh boy, wouldn't we love to hear those stories!!! :-)) Sharon (N.B.)
11 years ago
OT:P Hannah
Argggh just watched a forecast and Hannah is bugging Lucille now but is going to sweep up the coast bugging Brat and Cheryl and then on to us on Sunday. It's been Ark building time around here for...
11 years ago 55
JCS ornament issue
Is there a new issue for 2008? I can't find out any info on their site. I have all the past ones and never do anything with them but love to look at them each year. Anne
11 years ago 4
OT: reality check for Karen C.
So I just thought you should know that my academic dean laughed his ass off today when I told him that I'd called someone on usenet a dipshit and why and that he should be firing me. Just another...
11 years ago 35
old bureau scarves update
I decided to cut em in half, stitch the rough edge and use em as dish towels. They all have a small hole or stain, I never cover bureaus, and will NOT pay today's prices for a linen dish towel. I h...
11 years ago 1
Maryland State Fair Happy Dance!
I got three ribbons! Two second-place ones and a fifth-place. The fifth-place was in special category: Christmas ornaments; I don't thing regular categories go "down" that far. I'll try to get ph...
11 years ago 4
Michael's Clearance
My local Michael's is apparently doing a major clean up (out?) of their needlework section. A lot of the Dimensions Gold and Dolly Mama kits are half price, as well as a lot of other things. If an...
11 years ago
Attn: Fred and Stitchaway!
Someone on the ANG group is looking for you - please contact me offline and I will give you their email address. Linda
11 years ago 2
OT: Cap`n Jack
With all the unpleasant things we hear about so many celebrities these days - how refreshing to hear something really lovely about at least one of them. I don`t know how many in America know of t...
11 years ago 21
Overdyes - basic questions
I have only used DMC embroidery floss and have often seen overdyed thread mentioned here. Would someone please explain what an overdyed thread is and how, why and when it is used. Also how to clea...
11 years ago 2
OT-For the Hockey Lovers
For all the hockey fanatics. You'll know who you are-----RD&H,4999736&pg=4
11 years ago
Design Colors
Get the Edge on Interior Design Colors here.
11 years ago
J&P Coats floss trade needed
I wondered if anyone had some old stock of J&P Coats embroidery thread to trade. I need several colors to finish an old project. I'd be happy to trade another floss brand for it (ie DMC/Anchor, ...
11 years ago
Thread Storage...what do you use?
I am currently using DMC's binder with plastic inserts but I have so many skiens that they are never going to all fit in there. I might keep it for certain projects or for travel but in the meantim...
11 years ago 22