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OT: Ken Lee
Hee! Heeheeheehee! DS and I are still weeping at each other. You must go here immediately and scroll down till you see the label 'Language Fail'. Play the video and read the subtitles carefully. L...
11 years ago 19
OT -- a ponderous point
In addition to mostly skimming rctn, I lurk on several yahoo and ning discussions. Several of them have to do with cloth and beaded dolls. I've noticed that some/many of the participants look like...
11 years ago 1
OT: Fletcher Saga 18 Aug 2008
-- Bruce Fletcher Stronsay, Orkney UK
11 years ago
Olympic humour
-- Bruce Fletcher Stronsay, Orkney UK
11 years ago 8
Re: OT - Sport-related joke
"lucretia borgia" wrote At least these appear to be feisty ones. Dawne
11 years ago 1
my latest xst is almost done
Am just finnishing a new fiberwork , this time completely xst. It isn`t very big, and was born after a visit to a Colleague`s studio and house + later in the day we went to see another Colleague...
11 years ago
to frog or not to frog
that is the question . . . Putting it another way: when do you live with what you know is wrong or decide to do it over even though your 'mistakes' aren't that horrendous? -- another anne, add i...
11 years ago 31
Waste canvas experiment - half way
OK, I'm half way done (pics in Fran's Stuff), and decided to take out the waste canvas threads in the finished half. Turned out to be a bit more of a bear that I thought, but they did come out, eve...
11 years ago 4
Crayon embroidery
What works best and how do you get it bright? Suggestions? I know Crayola brand crayons work better, but are the fabric crayons even better? TIA! Linda
11 years ago 1
Weaving Mecca Out Here!
11 years ago 29
OT: More Equestrian
Okay, so I'm watching these magnificent animals do their jumps and noticed they have HATS on! If that isn't the most adorable thing. Now, is this just fashion for the sport or is there some reason ...
11 years ago 58
Yoohoo, Mommies!
What are Barbie clothes going for these days? We're trying to put a reasonable price on some for a craft fair. Don't want to say $10 for a dress if they can buy something similar at ToysRUs for ...
11 years ago 193
Chinese athletes love embroidery
It's my day for useless but fun posts. See this article about how Chinese athletes like to XS etc. Linda
11 years ago 4
Embroidery video
You guys have to see this!
11 years ago 7
The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch
Does anyone know if "The Garden of Earthly Delights" has ever been charted for cross stitch? And if so, where one might find it? Thanks, Gord
11 years ago 1