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Nearly finished and a finish
Well, I finished the stitching on the Ewe and I Tulip I was stitching. I've trimmed a piece of mat board and wrapped it batting. After DD's eye exam, I'll do the finishing and take a few pictures. ...
11 years ago
Re: award again
her-award-brillant... com C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S and thanks for the links mirjam
11 years ago
On topic: a happy discovery
I was in JoAnn Fabrics today, and they've started carrying the BritStich mags: Cross Stitching, Cross Stitch Gold, and one other. They also carry Mary Hickmott's new stitches. The reason this is s...
11 years ago 21
Not OT: Help Get Ellice a Job
Dear Fellow RCTNers: As you know, our dear friend Ellice is looking for a job in the "real" world. I am writing you to ask, no, BEG, you to do all you can to help her find that job. Why, you ask,...
11 years ago 33
Needlepoint Stained Glass Kitty
Hi Guys, Well, I got the Winter Bell Pull completed and hung on the wall. I'll have to try and remember to take a few photos and post to Webshots. I got the fabric for the next one on the sc...
11 years ago 38
Embroidering +other techniques over self woven cloth
I am now working on a cloth i wove myself , which means i wove My background Colours [even some `effects`], to make this fiberart piece as closer to my image as i imagined it. The woven backgr...
11 years ago
Movie Stars Eyes Patterns
There used to be a designer who created charts of movie stars' eyes. Does anyone remember who it was? Are they still in business? TIA. Connie
11 years ago 14
OT: Mamma Mia
Someone at the local theatre has some brains -- they scheduled a guy flick to start 5 minutes after Mamma Mia all day long. So, we went to the movies this morning, and he did NOT have to suffer t...
11 years ago 10
Re: An Adorable Little Cat
com Meauwee it is great , mirjam
11 years ago
delurking with photos and Reynauds
Hello to one and all. I have been lurking for many years and finally decided it was time to join the conversation. I have been stitching for 30 years and am still a novice. My first project was a...
11 years ago 7
What are you stitching next?
I am going to stitch: I am in total love with the realistic animal on this website. I'm going to see how big a piece of fab...
11 years ago 430
Framing quest
My EGA chapter brought Laura Smith, a master craftsman in color design, here for a class. We worked on Lighthouse Moon designed to teach us about color contrast and values. Intellectually, I got ...
11 years ago 3
Re: Sun Day stitching
com Alicia , i went to look at the little Sunday snail and she is such a cute Sunny creature !!! Well done !!! mirjam
11 years ago
Skilled XS vs. Not-So-Skilled XS
Hi Guys, So, I posted in another thread that -- IMNSHO -- the **mechanics** of stitching plain, unadorned XS (no special fibers, no beads, no fancy stuff) doesn't really take a lot of skill. I'...
11 years ago 48
Re: Caron Watercolors
Dove makes dish detergent? I didn't known that. I remember years ago when Ivory was pure castile soap. Not so any more. It has surfactants and detergents and other chems. Did I say dishwasher?...
11 years ago 8