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OT: For all the punsters out there
From Gill, Nate the rattlesnake knew that there was a mysterious lever hidden in a bush across the highway from where he lived. Before they died, his parents had told him that if anyone pushed the le...
11 years ago 2
OT -- another one bites the dust
The metal casing on one side of my trash compactor door came loose and is now somewhat firmly wedged near the hinges, making it impossible to close and open the door without further distorting the m...
11 years ago
Heritage Shoppe Challenge/other stuff
Diane, I dl'd the pdf and will be printing the outline drawing and the cross stitch chart. I'd like to try the cross stitch in white on white ..............just to may end up being ecru/w...
11 years ago 1
Stitchalong Group
I'm now working on MLI's Christmas Visit. The top half moves along quickly, but the bottom half is wall-to-wall grey skirt, so I figure I'll need some encouragement....
11 years ago 14
On topic - quilt batting for soft finishing
A scissor fob or other item you want more flat than rounded/puffy? Cheryl
11 years ago 9
OFF TOPIC - Dson's latest youtube find I know I mailed to lots of you and no doubt missed others and this really needs to be seen by anyone with a sense of the bizarre and/or loves game shows C...
11 years ago 2
OT: Dog lovers and potential puppy buyers check this out!
This (rather long but worth it) article in our Daily Mail had us in stitches. Particularly the end article.
11 years ago 17
Waste canvas experiment pics on RCTNP
Hi! As requested, I have finally gotten around to pics of my waste canvas on silk experiment. I purposely made the frame as big as the Chateliene (sp?) piece I actually want to do on the silk fabric i...
11 years ago 4
Re: Caron Watercolors
Vic, send me your address offlist and I'll send you some of mine. I have one of the gallon tubs! Joan
11 years ago 1
OT: for the teachers and parents - I have to share this (music) see also the video of Tom addressing the NY state teachers at their convention: -- Susan Hartman/Dirty Linen The Magazine of Folk and World Music www...
11 years ago 7
Elsa Schiaparrelli `s Embroideries
I had great fun , reading the book about Elsa Schiaparelli life , I already knew about her Knitting designs , but this book also shows her embroidery designs ,, the woman Knew her materials ,, i was E...
11 years ago
Ot so there were M D W;_ylt=Ak071NkYbMITD9ECM5r58ycUewgF
11 years ago 2
Re: Caron Watercolors
If colo(u)rfastness is a concern, why not make a little doodle cloth with the threads to see how they react? -- another anne, add ingers to reply
11 years ago 1
Finished Christmas Music Bellpull. Well, "finished" in the sense of it's currently residing in OxyClean and still has to have the hardware attached... -- Karen C - California Editor/Proofreader...
11 years ago
Caron Watercolors
Well, she did it, Mika my parrot finally got a poop on my work. She flew over and dumped one when I wasn't looking. She doesn't normally poop everywhere, so this isn't a huge problem. The problem i...
11 years ago 15