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ISO: Mickey Salutes America chart
I'm looking for the chart only of Stoney Creek's Mickey Salutes America. I cannot find it anywhere, can anyone help? It is only availalbe with the kit, and I don't want to buy the kit. If you have...
15 years ago 1
Here's my free charts make my charts as a series of sequential pages,each adding in a new colour. Less confusing onthe eyes, and easier to stitch complex stuff. Ther...
15 years ago 12
Stitch substitution
I am working an a small project that calls for small areas of satin stitch (in alternating directions) to simulate a woven basket. The chart calls for DMC Flower thread and a flier stuck in the char...
15 years ago 18
Weavers cloth
Ok - I am already to try punch needle, but keep seeing "weavers cloth". I don't see it locally, easily that is! Any thoughts on substitutions? Thanks gang! Cheryl
15 years ago 7
Oh, sew true!!!
Murphy's sewing laws * Fusible interfacings always fuse to the iron * The serge only eats the customer's garment * If you need 6 buttons, you will find 5 in your button box * ...
15 years ago 1
Stitch with the Embroiderers Guild
Hi, Does anyone know where in Australia you can pick up a single copy of this magazine from the UK guild? Nowhere that I have tried has it. Apparently in the latest issue there's a review of my bo...
15 years ago 1
Vision and needlework
Just had an eye exam today (first in about four years, give or take). Good news is that my current glasses (new ones due in 7-10 working days) are now too strong, meaning I'm less near-sighted than ...
15 years ago 27
Two sided cross stitch
Hi all - I usually lurk, but today I received my Keepsake Needlearts book. In the snips area it states * Two-sided cross stitch looks exactly the same on the back and front of the fabric. Use it to ...
15 years ago 10
Four Seasons /each month of the year
Does anyone know of a graph or chart or needlepoint or embroidery--anything really-- that has to do with a piece for each month of the year or for the 4 seasons ? Barbie
15 years ago 2
Martha Stewart's poncho
Does anyone know where I can find the instructions to crochet the poncho that Martha Stewart wore when she was released from prison?
15 years ago 22
Picture to computer-generated CCS paattern.
I thought I would tell you a little story of what has just happened with me here in Ottawa, Canada. Apparently a lady has a picture of great sentimental value consisting of a poem and an or...
15 years ago 2
OT: Ping Clancy in NB
The reason you are not getting emails is that aliant is down. They were just talking about it on the radio and - it may be down until tomorrow. Yes, you can buy those tickets even if you are in N...
15 years ago 25
Not entirely OT: Ouch!
Pouring with rain here! Went to Woodbridge this morning - walked into a bollard, nearly fell over, grabbed onto an old lady with a stick and nearly took her with me. Twisted my foot (think I`ve br...
15 years ago 6
Sewing Machine woes
With ghastly weather today, snow, wind, freezing rain, take your pick we are having it today - I decided to stitch the tape on to the canvas so I could finish the needlepoint rug. I just can't ge...
15 years ago 2
OT:needlework, mysteries, & cats
Hello Everyone, I am a returning member from quite some time ago; and although I = hesitate to return on an off-subject post, desperation seems to have = taken control of my good sense :) Severa...
15 years ago 3