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2010 JCS Ornament Issue
Mine arrived yesterday and I've found at least 4 to put on my to do list. In no particular order they are: Nickademus, Snowy Globe, 'Tweet Gift (have to have a birdy) and Stained Glass Pine. Ink ...
9 years ago 4
Progress update for tote
Well, two panels are completely stitched. I have a button to add to one panel and I may or may not add a few more beads to the other. Just a fir tree to add to the third and I can finish the sky. ...
9 years ago 1
Anchor/123 Stitch
Hi, I've never used Anchor though I've received some through a floss swap I belong to. I think I'll give it a try. As for 123 Stitch they are awesome! Joanne will answer every question you can think...
9 years ago 1
Here's the freebie: Click over to the Bargello page for some gorgeous butterflies (I'm holding firm for now, but if anyone wants to send me a Christ...
9 years ago 1
Happy Birthday!
A very Happy Birthday to Sue Hartman!,
9 years ago 12
WIP pic
TW Celestial Dragon as of this morning: He's going faster than I expected, but not as fast as I'd like, boo. A
9 years ago 3
O.T. A bit cleaner Was Re: Joke for 'those' people
The judge: - "Mr. Teytelbaum! We have two witnesses who saw how you pulled out the purse from the pocket of the victim." Mr. Teytelbaum - "Your honour! When it's my turn I can bring with me a ...
9 years ago
Crewel work.
I was waiting in the outpatient waiting room for Cancer Screening at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Lord Love us, a woman was working a hoop in the next chair. I asked if she was doing CX...
9 years ago 17
A WIP is complete!
I finally finished the green quilt I started several years ago! It's a twisted log-cabin pattern that looks like pinwheels. I hand-stitched a celtic knot pattern as my quilting pattern, and it lo...
9 years ago 7
Totally off topic
Does any one know about how to pick cockatiels? DD wants a cockatiel! preferably two!!! C
9 years ago 7
Perfect shades of grey
1 2 3 stitch sent Anchor floss that was perfect. I received wonderful service for 6 skeins of floss. And its cheaper than other shops. Donna
9 years ago 7
Totally OT. Computer info needed
I need info from our resident computer experts. I bought this laptop last fall for a beautiful price, but it did not come with MS Office. I didn't think I needed to buy it, as the only part of ...
9 years ago 13
News of Kathy Dyer
For those of you who remember her, she posted this on Facebook, "Yahoo!!! I just booked a major supporting role in one episode of the TV series, "I (Almost) Got Away With It." They are currently fil...
9 years ago 1
free embroidery design for share
Pumpkin Embroidery Design For Share ------------------------------- Name: Pumpkin Size: 4.9784 x 4.6736 cm (WxH) Stitches: 6376 ------------------------------- [image:
9 years ago
New bunny chart
While I was looking for floss I found I have to have it. D
9 years ago 6