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You can find conversion charts on the web. Bucilla kits use Bucilla thread numbers which can be converted using the charts. Best Wishes
> I am currently working a Bucilla kit called
> the Needlework Shoppe. I have come to just about
> the 3/4 point in the kit and I am running out of
> about 1/3 of the different colours. Bucilla lists
> a bunch of numbers in their thread list in the kit,
> but don't say whether the threads are DMC or whatever.
> Does anyone know what type of thread they use? I
> intend to finish the kit as far as possible, keeping
> a sample of which threads I am running out of, try
> and match it to DMC or Anchor and if that is not
> possible I will have to write to them for additional
> supplies.
> Add my voice to the list of people stating why
> they don't buy kits! I keep this kit at work so
> that I have something to stitch at noonhour and it
> is most annoying that I won't get this finished
> before it is too nice outside to sit inside stitching!
> Arrgh.
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Sandy Cowan
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On Fri, 8 Jan 2021 02:15:29 -0800 (PST), Barb L
Did you see this post is from 1996?
I check in almost every week, not much happening here. Most posters have moved to the Facebook group.
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