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I would like to throw some pieces that have lids and have a few questions. I think it would be best to dry the two together, but how would you keep them from adhering to one another? Also, when...
17 years ago 3
Thanks for the vitrified slip replies
Thanks for your thoughts on vitrified slips. Not sure if I can get Albany/Alberta slip in England, but I'll let you know how I get on! Dom Spencer
17 years ago
Re: wheel heads
The plans can be found at is a plan for a kick wheel and it runs you at about $100 I also found another plan for an electric one at these are helpful! Grayson
17 years ago
New Kiln
Hello All: I am very new to this stuff and could use some pointers, but last week I came across a great deal on a kiln and wheel. The kiln has never been assembled, it is about 30 years old, it was...
17 years ago 3
Re: vitrified slips
If you can get Albany slip it is gold. Makes a wonderful high firer glaze. Don't they have a replacement for it now? Here is where you can get Alberta slip in the US, scroll down to the 'General'...
17 years ago 2
info reqd
Hi everybody... can somebody tell me that where can i get information about "fakes and forgery of ceramics"? Thanks in Advance Sumit
17 years ago
Sort of beginner
Dear all, I was fortunate enough to have been at a school in the UK with an active ceramics teacher, some wheels and two kilns, and got bitten by the bug. Unfortunately, everything was a little too...
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