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Quilt Show South Western PA
Our Guilds Quilt Show is this week end if anyone can make it, we would love to have you come. It is Friday,Oct. 13th, Saturday, Oct.. 14th 10-5, and Sunday, Oct. 15th, 11-4. It is at Brady's Run Lodge...
14 years ago 1
HELP sewing fur trim
I need help sewing faux fur trim on to the edge of capes. I did sew it on to the edge of 1 cape and it was a pain. The fur kept getting caught in my presser feet. I have 2 more capes to do. Any...
15 years ago 3
Stack n Whack - Small sized quilts - Need help with yardage
Hi everyone! I just took a Stack n Whack class and we used Bethany's book on the subject. The book's smallest quilt makes 8 15" blocks. Our teacher gave us measurements on what size to cut the fabrics...
17 years ago 1
Sears Quilt Frame Instuctions?
A friend's father just bought her a quilt frame at a garage sale. It's apparently "like new" - i.e. never used because never assembled/ still in the box. The problem is that there were no instructions...
11 years ago 5
Just Nan Lady Scarlet
Hello, i am looking for Lady Scarlet secret garden from Just Nan. I cannot find it here in the Netherlands. Do you know where i can buy one? greetz Joke
6 years ago
New sewing mate
Well, I never! It looks like I have found a (winter) sewing mate here in Copenhagen. A new Scouting friend of mine also sews, is new to quilting, and we are going to do some sewing together during the...
9 years ago 5
Kenmore 158.1030 or 1040
I am looking for one of these old metal machines. It is a 3/4 sized machine. My hands are really having a hard time handling the full size Kenny I have [138.13200], So I though something...
10 years ago 20
Madeira Cotona 80wt Thread for Applique?
I posted this in the hand applique thread, but it may have been lost down there. Here it is again ... Has anyone tried using Madeira Cotona 80wt thread for applique? Is that a good thread for...
11 years ago 4
Working with velvet
With the recent loss of my companion/therapy dog, I'm on quite the emotional rollercoaster today. DW has gone back to work after a week's vacation and the house is the emptiest it's ever been, so I'm...
11 years ago 12
front loader prewash batting ?
Anyone have a suggestion on how I should prewash a Hobbs 80/20 batt in a front load machine? TIA, Taria Very carefully. Polly BWaaaaHaHa. Taria, why would you do such a thing? Is it filthy or are you...
11 years ago 37
My new find
I am a member of Freecycle in my area, a great way to recycle your useable discards and to pick up some great finds. Anyway, someone had a "portable sewing machine" to give away and I got it. It is a...
12 years ago 8
Best batting for baby quilt - polyester or cotton
Hi all I really need your help here - I am out of my depth. Very good friend has just become a grandmother and asked me to make a baby quilt for her new grandson. Now, babies - let alone baby quilts -...
13 years ago 16
Brother Disney SE-270D Sewing and embroidery
I posted this to another topic the one two items I would really like to have and only got one response. May be only one knows about this machine. I would love to hear what others have to say about it...
14 years ago 2
out of print fabric sources and an idea
Hello everyone This subject has probably been covered before, but please bear with me. Since I am still relatively new to quilting (it's only been a year and a half!), I have missed out on a lot of...
14 years ago 4
Quilted Photo Xpress
Any of you used Quilted Photo Xpress and made a quilt? It really looks like it would be fun but the software is expensive. I have the software and have played with it -- never made the quilt tho. It...
12 years ago 2