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Thunderbird ng reader question
How do I "mark all as read"? Also, how do I add a signature? TIA! Whahoo! Dreamweaver Hi Dreamweaver, I am guessing you have joined us via Thunderbird :-) To mark all read - right click on rctq in the...
5 years ago 4
Need a free newsgroup reader
I hate Google and want to come back. Can anyone suggest a ng reader that's free and easier to read than Google? Hi Deramweaver My UK ISP dropped usenet last year so as I knew I hated Google Groups I w...
5 years ago 13
TIGG'S HUG DETAILS and a long overdue "longtime no see!"
Hi again everyone! It's been a very long time. Here's the details of Tigg's HUG. TIGG'S HUG DETAILS: ***6 1/2" unfinished, signed, blocks/fabric squares in blues/purples/and-or brights. ***Deadline Ma...
5 years ago
HUG Post from Jeri Jo
I'm forwarding a message (and will also be sending a notice out via the Hug List)... But Jeri has asked that we share her message here. So here it is... thanks. Kate in MI ****************************...
5 years ago
Happy Easter
Hope all of you are having a wonderful Blessed Day! Barbara in Florida --- news:// - complaints: --- Thanks Barbara It has been a lovely soft Spring day over here. I had things I had to do indoors, bu...
5 years ago 1
Kitty Cat Charm quilt pattern McCalls 0ctober 2000
I am looking for this pattern. I have a dear friend who is a breast cancer survivor call me the other day to tell me that her 8 year old cat, Pumpkin, who I gave to her as a kitten before I moved 1500...
5 years ago
old issue of quilt maker magazine
buy it? Most magazines will contain details of how to buy back issues from themselves. If you have any edition of this magazine, it should be easy enough to find. Pat on the green . It's available fro...
5 years ago 3
While you are all busy sewing I am collecting for a crazy patch
The best place to do that of course is at second hand store like the ones I am finding here in Berlin. Now not everything I find will be put into my quilt, case in point my new scottie dog button. I s...
5 years ago
Tribute to Vincent
I have been searching for an Exclusively Quilters Tribute to Vincent (Van Gogh) fabric for quite some time that I think it's time for some help. I have located them all except for the greens. They are...
5 years ago
Janome 6600 missing stitches on button hole
Hi all, My Janome sewing machine is starting to miss stitches when I engage the buttonhole stitch. The needle is a new one, the thread is suitable &l don't go fast. Since the closest place to service ...
5 years ago
While sewing my Bernina aurora 440 lost power.
While sewing my machine lost power. I have check cords and power sources which all seem connected and in working order. Are there fuses or switches I can check? Thanks.
5 years ago
OT Very nice Metalicca cover
These guys are really really good. NightMist Oh, thanks for this! I think I will have to go find if they have done an album! Really impressive, and of course I had to go to their other covers, also gr...
5 years ago 3
Shopping at a thrift/charity stop - Vic. Aust.
Hi all, I purchased 12 odd sized quilt tops from a St Vincent De Pauls charity shop for A$39 - will probably get about 20 baby quilts for the Children's Hospital out of them. I love unfinished quilts....
5 years ago 4
Looking for former RCTQ member
I was part of this news group for a long time but didn't switch over to Fac ebook like many of the members. Chat on Google was almost eliminated so I s topped reading. I do miss my many friends from t...
5 years ago 3
OT Kids say the darndest things
We were at the supper table and talking about music. The topic of Paul McCartney came up due to his recent performance and comments some infants had that demonstrated that they simply had no clue as t...
5 years ago 1