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Looking for Spring Quilt Retreats
My friend and I would love to attend a quilt retreat to meet new quilters and have a great time! My friend and I would love to attend a quilt retreat to meet new quilters and have a great time! This i...
5 years ago 4
Christmas tree
My Christmas tree this year is quilted. There is a photo in my facebook "Quilts" album at The album is public, so you don't have to be on facebook to see it. I think it is the first picture in the alb...
5 years ago 3
Happy Turkey Day!
Been quite some time since I've been able to 'be here' but I've a turn for the better health-wise, but no promises as to how often I'll be back. It's been a very difficult summer with surgery a coupla...
5 years ago 4
OT A little Lake Effect Snow
We didn't get as slammed as they did further north. We've gotten two or three feet, seriously, there is about 3 feet in our yard, but the house down on the corner only got two. Our lad has had school ...
5 years ago 2
Pattern isnspiration
After spending an evening explaining the difference between cashmere and mohair, and how much less expensive it is to buy a fleece than it is to buy an equivalent weight of wool yarn (wool prices are ...
5 years ago 1
Re: I need help finding out the manufacturer of my grandmothers sewing machine.
Thanks for the reply. Here's pictures of front and back of the machine. I had said I needed a foot for the machine but what I meant was the pedal. Thanks Sorry but photos are not allowed on this group...
5 years ago 4
diamond anniversary report OT
We had a lovely day together with family and friends. Pity David could not be here but he was on his ship. We had lots of flowers and lovely cards. Mid morning we had a special delivery of a card from...
5 years ago 1
I need help finding out the manufacturer of my grandmothers sewing machine.
I need to order a foot and some other parts for this sewing machine, but have no clue who manufactured it. There is an emblem on the front of the letter C (in calligraphy). On the back there is a gold...
5 years ago 2
Has any one on this news group ever made what is called Rug Mugs/Mug R ugs. They are about 10 inches long by 6-8 inches wide finished. They hold a cup of coffee/tea and a cookies or two. I have been t...
5 years ago 5
Shirley's Diamond Wedding
Huge congratulations and good wishes for your (and your husband's) 60th anniversary. I hope you have a lovely day and share loads of memories. Pat on the green Thank you very much Pat. I am sure it wi...
5 years ago 3
Any Quilting being done?
I haven't been quilting but I've been checking out some of the quilting books to get ideas. Hope others have been getting quilts ready for winter. Barbara in hot Florida --- news:// - complaints: --- ...
5 years ago 11
Ping@Kate in MI
Hello Kate, please, would you be so kind and contact me via private mail? I'm such a silly person I cannot even own here what I did (or didn't). U.
5 years ago
Pacific International Quilt Festival!
Pacific International Quilt Festival XXIII October 16 - 19, 2014 Santa Clara Convention Center Santa Clara, California
5 years ago
HUG Quilts
Do we ever see any of the finished Hug Quilts these days - just wondering. It used to be so nice to go to that site and see them all, but I realize that was a lot of work to keep on ... it was much ap...
5 years ago 15
I need a manual for an Necchi Alco a709-5
I found a portable Necchi Alco a709-5 machine but not familiar with this machine. I fix donated machines to give to young or needy sewers. Mostly I have stuck to Singers but this was a curbside find i...
5 years ago 1