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buying Mettler thread online
My local source of Mettler-thread-at-a-good-price has been sold, and the new store no longer does crafts. Would anyone have an online place to buy Mettler thread that they trust? Thank you! Mart...
9 years ago 4
OT waaaay OT I have long wondered if there is a point at which a respected scientist becomes a common grave...
9 years ago 8
the more the merrier I know we all enjoy our RCTQ forum and the information and friends we have all accumulated from it. I have used the "Garden Web" forums to investigate applia...
9 years ago 2
barn quilt questions
First, if you haven't yet seen the wonderful photos of giant quilt blocks painted on rural barns, tap "barn quilt photo" in your search engine and enjoy! I don't have a barn and I live in town, but...
9 years ago 1
Welcome Home! (not o.t.)
A brand new Jem Gold came to live in my house today. I need something small and non-computerized to take to classes (and on trips that last longer than a week and we may have some coming up next yea...
9 years ago 5
NZ earthquake info
Hi all, I just received this amazing information from a dear friend in NZ and thought you might like to have a look at what they are going through. The af...
9 years ago 5
quilter dilemma
On the blog here for Sept. 9: What a bad situation. I am glad I don't send my quilts out but for those that do communication is a big deal....
9 years ago 4
I am going to the Mancuso show in Greater Philly Expo Center next Thurs. and then on to visit my aunt in New Holland, PA. Anyone else going? I was going to go last year, but my travelling companio...
9 years ago 6
O/T Free rice game
From 'That man & her' in Chester UK Play & enjoy It's a game / teaching aid / charity tool / brain trainer / just good fun. Mike
9 years ago 3
Fire South of San Francisco
has anyone heard from any of the RCTQ people who live in that area? Marcella is one who lives down that way. cant recall who else. it is a massive massive fire. :( j.
9 years ago 1
I Decided to Pack It In.
Well. If I am going to pack it in, I will need a bag to pack it into. Right? Here you are presented with a Weekender Man Bag that is done up in the Log Cabin Pattern. See where this whole "Man Bag" ...
9 years ago 7
OT Slow cooker (crock pot) recipes
I have a slow cooker / crock pot and should and would like to use it more. My problem is that the gravy is always very thin when I do meaty casseroles and such and then I have to mess about thick...
9 years ago 8
Photogenic memory
Yes. I know. The expression is photographic memory - but I have learned how to use the camera for memory. One of the Christmas tree skirts began with a printed panel. Of course, none of the...
9 years ago 3
OT NZ Earthquakes continuing
If anybody is interested Carol in Auckland NZ
9 years ago 6
Cinnamon (NOT OT)
I was reading somewhere over the past week or two about using ground cinnamon spice for quilt marking. Over the past couple of weeks I have been marking out a new wholecloth. It's been a pain. Ho...
9 years ago 1