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Stash busting blog post
I ran across this post on a blog yesterday and thought that some might find it inspirational. I printed it for those moments when I'm feeling weak and THINK I need new stuff, and KNOW good and well th...
11 years ago
Quilt suggestions to honor my son ??
My son (in Kansas City area) has HHT, as do many members of our family (including my husband, another child, and three of our grandchildren). Scott has been working for a couple of years to get ready...
11 years ago 19
Pattern Search
Anyone seen any patterns for a wine tote? I thought I had saved one somewhere but can't find it on this computer. Would like to make one for my niece for her birthday to go with one of those painted...
11 years ago 2
Here's Johnny!
After being away from this forum for awhile, I thought I would check in and see what goes on, and show you a little something that I did yesterday. First, let me explain my absence. I have been sewing...
11 years ago 20
RE: New Photos at Webshots
Hi Guys, I got photos of the silk jacket posted to my Webshots album. The photos are in both the Quilting & Sewing Albums. There are also 2 photos of the newest quilt (the one I made for MO...
11 years ago 2
OT: Exercise Help
Okay -- I'm hoping that one of our quilters can point me in the direction of some exercises or something to eliminate the pain from a pinched nerve (C7). This is the 3rd flare up... the pain pills a...
11 years ago 7
clipping pokeys
I read somewhere how to trim threads from fancy stitching but never had a need for it. Today's quilt is a crazy one that's given me the chance to play with lots of Bernina's ornamental stitches. ...
11 years ago 11
christmas basket ok, this one is definitely cottons and quilted. a scrappy way to cover a basket that is in need of jazzing up a bit maybe...
11 years ago
hand project for scraps i found this online while looking thru the sewing/quilting projects at the fiskars site today. i liked it cuz it uses up scraps of all shapes...
11 years ago 3
OT Sharing an idea
I just updated my "In Case of Emergency" sheet that I carry and I thought some of you might be interested in making one as well. I prepared a sheet with BIG bold letters across the top "In Case of ...
11 years ago 16
Hugs.... would you like to be a part of the magic?
Since it's been a while -- I thought I'd toss out an invitation to all of you who aren't a part of the magic... to become a part of it! It's really easy. Just send me an email off list indicating y...
11 years ago 6
marking whole-cloth quilt
I am almost half way finished with marking all the 12" blocks for a whole cloth quilt! I love traditional whole cloth work, but portability is a major issue, too, so I'm making it in blocks which I w...
11 years ago 4
OT - just curious - who uses Mac and should I switch from PC?
Though I'm not currently having any problems, the recent posts about Office 2007 got me thinking about the problems I frequently experience with Microsoft PC that drive me crazy. I'm on the verge o...
11 years ago 22
Butterfly Fling
Hey, Butterfly! Have you seen Moda's new Butterfly Fling line? Julia in MN -- ----------- This message has been scanned for viruses by Norton Anti-Virus -----------
11 years ago 3
Bird Applique BOM The Bird BOM link is the 2008 design so it you like birds? jennellh
11 years ago