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OT - Happy Dancing Cause We're Done
Finally!!! DH and I are doing major happy dances because we are now OFFICIALLY DONE with child support. His youngest daughter turned 18 last month and the wage assignment has been terminated. We did...
11 years ago 6
OT From the Evil Mad Scientist Labs
Edible googly eyes. Just try and tell me that in your heart of hearts you didn't know that the world would be a better place if only we had edible googly eyes!
11 years ago 5
Roman Stripe - suggestions please for leftover ends
I'm going through and organizing my scraps. Slow process!! About 10 years ago I made an Amish quilt ...Variations of Roman Stripe from Eleanor Burns book Quilt in a day. And I have about 30 butt ...
11 years ago 5
a variety of small projects some of these could make good holiday gifts or to dress up the house. xmas stocking, table mats/runners, small handbag, totes, wall hanging, pillow, reversible...
11 years ago 5
Houston winner
I just got an email from the Sharon Schaumber network. She's won best in show in Houston for a quilt that won a prize in Paducah too. That woman can certainly turn out amazing work! http://sharon...
11 years ago 17
a site that might be useful to some folks just something i ran across while surfing. thot it might be useful to some folks here. j.
11 years ago 5
Press bar technique for applique stems?
Hi everyone, I've been experimenting with applique and finding that I really like it. Skinny stems are challenging, however. I've read about making them using bias strips and press bars. I'm wonder...
11 years ago 4
What did I do wrong?
I'm setting blocks on point. I've done this several times but always following specific pattern instructions. The pattern I'm working with this time has very bizzare cutting/stitching directions so ...
11 years ago 9
OT: daughter's friend!
OK, still reeling after the weekend.... DD#2 turned 10 last week, so we had a party on the weekend. All were well behaved and polite except for 1 girl, who is new at school, so we don't know her t...
11 years ago 7
Need a Mouse Ear?
The quilt underway here is hundreds (and hundreds) of HSTs. The border is Eek Mice by Janet Kime. Only 50 mice. Each mouse has a little yo-yo for an ear. Each mouse has an embroidered tail in th...
11 years ago 10
Thank you, from Mr Joe, for all the HB wishes. Says he had a very nice day, ending with going to a Hockey Game with DS :) Butterfly (who now faces 3 months of PT: one month of every other day, then ...
11 years ago 6
Had fun
Today was suppose to be my satellite group quilting but I am feeling down with a sinus infection so didn't go. Thought about all the things I should be doing and changed my mind about all of them. ...
11 years ago 3
Solid colors
I want to add a good bit of solid color fabric -- good cotton -- to my stash. Basic, black, yellow, green... Do any of you buy solids online? If so, who sells good quality solid cotto...
11 years ago 23
Singer machine at Vermont Country Store
Does anyone know anything about this machine? (or go to and search for "sewing machine"). I don't want to buy it (I have three Singers, ranging i...
11 years ago 2
OT Kitty cat trivia
A single pair of cats and their kittens can produce as many as 420,000 kittens in 7 years! This is from a free site that donates food for cats and dogs in shelters... you just click and answer a t...
11 years ago 4