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I'm back!
Did you miss me??? grin After a long stint of family stuff - 6 year old grandson visit for 10 days, 2 weeks with mom-in-law and Brother-I-L, My computer caught a virus and died sniff, sniff. The ...
11 years ago 2
Happy dance and machine review
You will not get enough trade in value for the Pfaff... It is worth it to keep it or sell it outright...I'd keep it !!!!!! If I lived near you I'd buy it as I have the 7550 which doesn't do hoop em...
11 years ago
HELP need some birch bark fabric
I'm a long time lurker and need some help finding some birch bark fabric to make my husbands christmas quilt! I have looked all over the internet and I can't find a fabric store that has birch bar...
11 years ago 3
Hello all
Just popping up to say hello. I have had a couple of emails recently from rctq-ers, and it brought back many happy memories of chatting round the world with you guys. I won't be posting regularly,...
11 years ago 11
OT: Off to Phoenix
Hey all, I'm off to Phoenix at an unbearable time in the morning. I'm praying for a smooth flight and easy sailing once we arrive. I'll not have internet access while there (they have cable but no n...
11 years ago 3
Joann coupon wanted
Does anyone have a current coupon for Joann's? Thanks, Hanne
11 years ago 6
Re: Message from Cheryl & the Cats in Oz re Embroidery Machines
Here is a message I received from Cheryl in Oz about her embroidery machine. Her sight is now so poor that she finds even reading e-mails difficult. She stopped reading the group when she could no...
11 years ago 6
OT - thoughts & prayers
Sunday morning Grammy Kathy's Mom got tangled in the sheets, fell out of bed, and broke her hip. Kathy's brother and his wife live with her and I guess heard her fall. She was taken by ambulance...
11 years ago 11
It took a hurricane
to finally get my phone line repaired. I had my house completely rewired and still no phone. The hurricane took care of it. The repairman came by about 2 a.m. I was up at that time and wondered o...
11 years ago 6
Happy dance and machine review
I caved to desire and got a new machine last Friday - a Janome MC6600P. I HIGHLY recommend this machine for free-motion quilting (NAYY). Here's what I like about it so far: It is clearly created ...
11 years ago 3
OT: Hurricanes and wedding plans
My nephew is getting married..... this coming Saturday. It will be an outdoor ceremony. He is getting married in FORT LAUDERDALE FLORIDA. Sigh..... We have 5 plane tickets from NJ to Fl leaving ...
11 years ago 6
featherweight - found one
So this last weekend, DH and I were in a town on the Mosel river in Germany and between swilling wine and eating German food at a fest, I wandered into an antique store. There on the floor sitting o...
11 years ago 7
Help:Animas placemat patterns
Can anyone help me? I am making the monthly placemats from the Animas site and I cannot find anywhere the pattern sheets for January and February. I have searched my entire hard drive, other sto...
11 years ago 5
OT: Da swamp
I saw this quote this morning "Most of our problems can be solved. Some of them will take brains, and some of them will take patience, but all of them will have to be wrestled with like an alligato...
11 years ago 6
Ping Roberta in Germany
Thank you! Its beautiful -- Boca Jan Florida - Land of the Hurricanes snipsnstitchesatyahoodotcom
11 years ago 1