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Another Quilt Finished!
I just finished a quilt, which is the third in a group of four I am making, one for each great nice and great nephew! The oldest child is 6 years, and the youngest 5 months. I want each of them so...
11 years ago 3
A small finish
Carol Doak's online paper piecing group was treated to a BOM over the course of the past year. I finished each block as it came out -- all in 3" squares -- and then couldn't think how to put them ...
11 years ago 41
Alpaca Batting
Has anyone ever tried Alpaca batting ? I have seen some advertised but haven't heard any personal reviews. Dee in Oz
11 years ago 9
Mystery Quilt Part 2
Part 2 of the North Pittsburgh Quilters guild mystery quilt is now up at Mickie
11 years ago 3
OT: Meet-up with Phoenix folks (Pati and Butterfly and....?)
Hey guys, I'll be in Phoenix mid-morning Thursday for an 8 day stay (trimmed it a bit for sanity sake). I'll pm each of you with my phone number and maybe we can arrange a meeting spot and time. Wh...
11 years ago
Ok and next...
Have finished the purple top. DH shudders when he looks at it. Even DD said, "Oh, Mum..." and not in a good way. I'm not sure if it's because it's way, way brighter than anything I own, let alone h...
11 years ago 33
OT Locking up the stash
The subject line is merely my feeble attempt to keep this post on topic! Today we shopped for new door locks. We learned something. Deadlocks are graded, 1 to 3, for the security offered. Just tho...
11 years ago 2
New Quilt pictures up
I won 2 ribbons. The pictures are blurry, I have no idea why. I guess I'm old and shaky. Cindy
11 years ago 12
Free fabric - ??? kind
I have 2 pieces of black fabric that a friend gave me because I sew. LOL Anyway, it is not cotton so I can't use it. I believe it is some kind of slippery poly or organza. I washed it and the edge...
11 years ago 2
Hurricane Gustav
Thoughts and prayers to all of you in Louisiana and Mississippi. Polly, FOX News has given Mississippi a lot of coverage. They said Mississippi was ignored last time, and they knew that area had al...
11 years ago 2
11 years ago
Pictures from the Fair
Here is the link to my Picasa album of quilts from the fair. I like to see who won the other ribbons to compare my work, analyze what I need to improve on...
11 years ago 3
Hello's from Old Timers was Re: OT: Pig is not as missing as she might appear.....
Hi to you too Dragonfly! I was thrilled to see your name!!! It would be fun to hear from some of the other MIA's as well! Hugs, Dreamweaver
11 years ago
Penny Haren's book
Has anyone seen it? Pieced Appliqué. You start with a foundation block and appliqué shapes or even pieces of other blocks directly onto the foundation block. You can turn a pinwheel foundation...
11 years ago 1
Ping: Lobo - Quilt Ribbons (longish)
I used your method of making ribbons for our celebrity judges. First off, everyone loved the idea! I ended up with 15 ribbons to make. So that wasn't too bad. I did change one thing. I found al...
11 years ago