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Sailboat Quilt and More
Where has everyone gone as my Christmas greeting was the last post?? Just finished a sailboat quilt for a boys bed. Think the pattern came from McCall's quilting. It had 4-half squares for the sails. ...
3 years ago 8
Merry, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Right now I am taking a couple of months off on quilt making. This wi ll keep me from having a burnt out. Both of my sewing machines are in the shop for repair and cleaning. I feel like My right arm i...
3 years ago 1
Merry Christmas to ALL
Happy Holidays to everyone! Barbara in SC
3 years ago
Pictures of quilt I am repairing
At my flickr account, , I just posted some pictures of the quilt I am repairing, in the first album, called quilt progress. I also put a comment under each one that describes what the picture is of. I...
3 years ago
weight of new home 445
I have a New Home 445, and I was wondering how much it weighs. It is from the early 60's I think. I have been unable to find its weight online. Based on how much it costs to ship one via UPS standard ...
3 years ago 2
Rhoda E. Wicker's passing
I am Rhoda E. Wicker's daughter. I am writing back to follow up on previous , recent messages concerning her health. My mother passed away quietly, in her sleep, about two months from her admi ssion u...
3 years ago 3
From Sea to Shinning Sea
This is my newest quilt and there were a lot of squares and rectangles to cut out. I used 5 different blues; light, medium and dark and 5 differe nt beige,cream and very light tans. When sewn together...
3 years ago 2
Lavender Love Quilt
This is the quilt I have just started on. My colors are different as I am using two prints that are the same but different colors. One a pale ye llow background print and the other light blue print. T...
3 years ago 4
Jumping for Joy or Rather Jumping for Floristas
as a throw but I will make more blocks and am making it wider and longer. These are 9 inch blocks. Original shows frogs but I am making my quilt fl oral that's why I renamed it. I may put two inner bo...
3 years ago 2
Writing my name
I am not announcing that I finally learned how to write my name, I have known how to do that for several years now. However, I think that on the quilt I have talked about repairing, and am currently i...
3 years ago 2
Concentric squares
On the quilt I am repairing, I am making "prototype squares," and what I mean is that I am working out the best/fastest way to replace the squares I am replacing. I have a presser foot that is for sew...
3 years ago 1
Repairing a quilt, part 2
Some months ago, I made a post about repairing a quilt that my grandmother had made when I was really little (I think when I was born). I took a look at it, and it requires a bit more work than I orig...
3 years ago 4
Singer 222 for a dollar
The other day I was faffing about online loking at the prices of singer 301's just to see what the price of them might be, I am not really planning on buying one anytime soon. The prices seemed to run...
3 years ago
Teaching Quilting
This is kind of a test message, as I am setting up thunderbird for reading news groups, and seeing if it is "better" than XPN newsreader. Well, anyway, this video, from man sewing, one of my favorite ...
3 years ago 7
Some of you may remember Rhoda (Rhoda's gallery of quilts, now moved to rhodaberry on wordpress). I am sorry to share with you that Rhoda recently entered into Hospice care at a local nursing home. Wh...
3 years ago 4