OT for those who love cats

(I am very fond of cats but have severe allergies to them which makes me
strictly 'dog people'.... just in case you might have wondered about me.
For that reason or any other reason??? LOL And mostly MIA while *still*
working on my house and yard.)
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Leslie & The Canine Furbabies in MO.
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Leslie& The Furbabies in MO.
Sweet. William clearly loves Kitty, but Kitty equally seems to love him. I read the comments under the photos; and one remarked on the story which is one of my favourites of all time: the one where the Scottish fold cat travelled to Paris (France) from the US, with her human and had a wonderful time. All went well - and he stayed in hotels!!
Thanks for sharing Leslie.
Now, I must go and try out my new lawnmower!! (before unpacking some more boxes!). Minimalism sounds good at this point - but I still couldn't do it >gg< . In message , Leslie& The Furbabies in MO. writes
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Pat S

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