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DH and I finally made it back from Dallas. Linda, I am so sorry we weren't
able to meet up. As it turned out, I couldn't get into the newsgroup on the
server we were using at the hotel so I didn't see your post about meeting
up. I am so disappointed. Maybe next time. We will make it happen one day
We had a wonderful visit with DS and DGS. Luckily we got to keep DGS the
entire time we were there this time. Candy was going to make us bring him
home the second day but DS nipped it real quick. So we had a wonderful time
with the little guy. Alice I can so relate to your story about the beach. We
took DS and DGS to Walmart and were looking at the toys. DS found this gun
thingy that looked like a mechanical arm and when you pulled the trigger the
fingers moved. He did that to DGS and it frightened him just a little bit.
He double up his fists and started shaking and said "Oooohhh
Nooooooooooooo!!!!!". The look on his face and the tone of his voice was
priceless. That was just one of the many joys we had with him. I miss our
lil' cowboy. And the big cowboy (his daddy) too. Hopefully we'll get to see
them again at Christmas.
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That's OK Mika. There will be other opportunites. I am very happy you had so much time with the little guy. I hope you took lots of photos to show us. Linda
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