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I've just finished checking data coming from the buoys in the Gulf of
Mexico. Since I live in Mississippi I checked the one nearest to
where Huricane Katrina came in 3 years ago. Seas are 15 feet.
Flooding started yesterday.
I checked the buoy at Galveston Bay and they also have 15 feet seas.
The buoy nearest the hurricane is registering 30 feet seas.
These were the same kind of readings I got when Katrina was heading
this way. From the weather reports I've been listening to all night
this storm is approximately 380 miles across with hurricane force
winds 100 miles across. This storm is bigger than Katrina, something
I thought I would never see or hear in my life time.
I pray that all our friends in Texas are safe and out of harms way.
Kate T. South Mississippi
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Kate T.
Kate, the projections have Ike headed directly to Ohio. Now isn't that something? Polly
"Kate T." I've just finished checking data coming from the buoys in the Gulf of
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Polly Esther
Hey Polly:
I called all the Yankees I know and told them to get off their butts and head for high ground. I really doubt they will heed the warning.
Kate T. South Mississippi
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Kate T.
Amen to that! We've had our occasional ice storms up in "Yankee-land", but we'd never move into Hurricane Alley, even if it was warmer! (Snow you can shovel or snowblow outta the way - flooding you can't!) Hugs and prayers for all of you in Ike's path! Stay safe and head for high ground. ME-Judy
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Kate -- what is the best online source of weather (specifically for hurricanes) info... radar maps... etc on the web? Where do you find the buoy information... I find that fascinating!
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Kate G.
Some did. We're getting hundreds of people showing up at the shelters here in n.Tx., w/ more on the highways headed this way. The camper parks are filling up, the price of gas is inching up again, and there are reports of price gouging (hotel/motels, camp supplies). All this while the Winter Texans are/were heading south on I-35, to the Rio Grande Valley. Ike is heading "home" (Eisenhower was born in Dennison,Tx., north of Dallas). The weather channel is droning in the background while I quilt w/ an audiobook.
R/Sandy - wondering about those people trying to "stick it out" on Galveston...got life-jackets?
On 9/12/08 8:03 AM, in article
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Sandy Ellison
I was watching CNN coverage earlier and couldn't believe my eyes: a couple out walking a small white dog (looked like a westie) at the edge of the seawall in Texas - wave came up over them and they (the people) backed off while the dog was covered - fortunately when the water fell back the dog was still attached to the leash and rejoined his 'parents' .... talk about stupidity of the highest degree - not just the fact that the people are still hanging around and going out to gawp at the incoming storm but that they choose to endanger the lives of others at the same time. Then someone emailed the reporter with the question: "My Grandparents are in 'such and such' a place - should they evacuate?" Well, Duh!!!!!!! I am shaking my head and rolling my eyes at the number of seemingly 'genetically' reduced people in the world today. Enough said, jennellh (who will probably feel the tail end of the storm at some point when it reaches the Canadian border)
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formatting link
of info on this site, Kate.covers the world from the looks of their map on home page.j.
"Kate G." wrote...
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