OT Pattern Master Boutique for kids

Anyone out there have a copy they would like to sell?
I've been on this list since the beginning just have not been active the
last couple of years. So I'm sure somebody here can vouch for me.
If you would like to email me feel free at
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Joanna from south of Red Deer? (Don't want to name your town, in case you don't want that out there) Long time no "see".
Didn't you have a new baby just before you disappeared? How's all the kids?
I don't have what you are looking for, but it's nice to "see" you back.
Marilyn in Alberta, Canada
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Yup, guilty as charged. Life has not stopped since. We did reno's on our house, sold house, bought trailer and it always under renovations. Just finished putting a peaked roof on it. All by ourselves, just me, hubby and two kids. Youngest is now 1 yr 9 months so it's been a while. Oh, ya and we moved from Innisfail to Blackfalds.
I can't say enough about Blackfalds, WOW. It's so good I regret ever moving to Innisfail. Stuck up snobby people, most of them.
Birthday present was a Brother Innovis 80 with quilting table, and a basting gun. The microstitch from Avery. So I am so so happy with the machine. I had a Janome before and it was crap. I can't believe I put up with it for nearly 5 years. I know Janome is supposed to be the best but I must of got a lemon. Now I have a machine that sews like it is supposed to I've been sewing up a storm. Finished a few quilts since we talked. Making matching outfits for the girls right now. And been renting myself out for mending and such. See my link below for photos.
I'm so glad someone here recognized me. I remember a lot of the girls her and some new ones but it's great to be back. You should drop me a line in my regular email. Remove QUILT to reply. I'ld love to hear from anyone that remembers me. Take Care Joanna
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