OT: What should I do?

David's having computer problems again! This time it seems he is not
receiving most of his email.
His solution is to get rid of the email account he has (not only because of
this problem, but for some other reasons as well) and has decided that we
each need to get our own "domain".
To sweeten the deal, he told me, "then we can have web pages!"
I don't know. Do I really need to do that? If I need a new email address,
and I probably will once we get our Internet provider sorted out, why not
just use something like Gmail? I don't think I want to have a web page or a
blog. And there are plenty of other places to put my photos.
What would you do?
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Maureen Wozniak
I have used my same Yahoo email address for about 16-17 years- since I got my first computer. I use it for ordering merchandise, any lists I sign up to receive and general email. They have an excellent filter, have a vacation message set-up, a system to block messages and/or senders, a good system for saving messages in Folders plus saving sent and deleted emails. I have never lost anything I had stored/saved and never had any complaints of any kind.
My phone company is my DSL provider and I've lost all my folders at different times, had many things sent to the Junk file from people in my address book, etc. I hardly ever trust using that email address. (I own a domain and have for several years but have never felt any need to use it for anything- but then I am satisfied with WebShots, too, so maybe I'm lazy or overly easy to please??? LOL)
Good luck in finding something that works well for you!
Leslie & The Furbabies in MO.
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Leslie& The Furbabies in MO.
I have 4 email accounts. The one through my ISP for friends & family & forwarding from a Project Linus email address (so, I actually have 5 email addresses!) I use Yahoo for yahoo groups, gmail for all online orders, hot mail for facebook and a couple other things that I don't want mixed into the other inboxes. Instead of having all email dumped into one inbox, by having different email addresses, they are my own filing system!
Donna in Idaho
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Donna in Idaho
On Thu, 12 Aug 2010 08:47:26 -0500, Sandy wrote (in article ):
I asked David about that. Apparently, at the place he's looking at, it's cheaper to get 2 seperate domains than it is to get one domain with 2 email addresses.
Doesn't make much sense to me, but he's the one who is researching all of this.
I have considered just using .Mac or whatever Apple calls there thing these days, but again, it sounds like whatever David has been looking at is cheaper as well.
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Maureen Wozniak

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