Re: OT - adult children, not sure which term really applies!

> KIDS!!! I don't know what's wrong with all these kids these days! Either
> none of us raised our kids right, or else I'm gonna have to blame water
> pollution or global warming or something. Is is just me???? Or does this
> generation of twenty-somethings just go around with their heads in the
> clouds all the time! Seems to me, at least to me, that they just don't know
> about real life. Maybe I'm just suffering from my own personal global
> warming. That must be it. Because I know we raised them
> differently..............didn't we?
> Karen, Queen of Squishies
> going for a cold glass of water, no......
> that might be polluted.......
> drink milk
Or wine! I can *so* relate. My two 27-yo sons are just like what
you describe - "out there somewhere". For crying out loud, one is
living at home (again). Grrrr!!! But, on the bright side, my 22-yo son
is doing pretty well for himself, a nice SO, and a new granddarling
(boy) on the way. I think it just depends on the kid's temperament.
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TerriLee in WA
eeeeeeeeeeeek, i'm thirty yrs late and still working on real maturity. oh where did my kids go wrong with me... jeanne*
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I don't know, mine aren't so bad. DD2 is 27 (DD1 is 31 so doesn't qualify any more) and has supported herself for several years. They never forget to phone when it counts. Never been in trouble with the law, no addictions to alcohol, tobacco or narcotics, one has a doctorate and the other a master's. My only complaint is the distinct lack of grandchildren, but I guess they still have time. Roberta in D
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Roberta Zollner
Hi Mauvice, It is a Saturn return and generally about 29yrs. Then will cycle again in another 29 or so years. DH is working through his second right now. He divorced the first time..... Taria
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...Yeah, Kids!!...Why I remember back in the 20's when the girls ran wild and took off their corsets and bobbed their hair!!
Yessir, we got TROUBLE! Right here in River City! With a capitol T and that rythmes with P and that stands for pool!!
Yes, all young people are disrespectful, and thoughtless---Plato wrote something about it way back when. They have to believe that they are unbreakable.---If they knew what life holds in store for them through the years to come--they would be too discouraged to go on. They will either learn--or not, just as every generation before them has. RedQueen
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Judy Grevenites
In article , (Judy Grevenites) writes:
Judy, I definitely agree with you on this. My son would never say anything, but I caught him rolling his eyes at me a few times. I told him that "that" was just as bad as saying something. Thinking back many years- my mom was probably thinking the same thing.
kris ( in northernVirginia)
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Whenever I read something like this, I just remember the graffiti that archeologists have found in Roman ruins, in which people complain about the state of society and the way their children behave....
-- Jo in Scotland
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Johanna Gibson
On Fri, 11 Jul 2003 22:08:58 +0100, Johanna Gibson wrote:
The best bit of Roman graffiti I heard of was on a wall in Pompeii which said "don't pee here because the nettles grow too high"
Suzie B
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Paul & Suzie Beckwith
My dad came a cross a bit in a gents loo in Lincoln back in the early 70's... It said 'Nana Muskuri has wheels!'
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Kate Dicey

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