Re: OT Toenail Problems Re: Kevlar Bindings? Talons of Doom

DH did get some toenail fungus stuff from the clinic, and that did
indeed make his toenails easier to cut. They still grow fast, tough
and sharp though.
He actually went up to have it looked into in the first place, because
I turned on my "auto-nag" function and began on him about getting
sugar tests after several rctqers suggested it after my original tale
of woe about what he and his talons were doing to my quilts. (Yay you
guys!) The tests came back normal (yay again!), a relief since his
mom had diabetes. The clinic also said that his heart murmmer would
have nothing to do with it, nor any of the valvular dysfunctions that
they want him to test for (he is digging in his heels and refusing,
grrr!) The PA did suggest that his family history of psoriasis may
have something to do with it. DH is the only one of his sibs with no
symptoms of it whatsoever, his mom had it to a debilitating degree,
and several of his nieces and nephews have it; so far in our immediate
family, only DD2 has it.
Not sure where to add this, so picked this post at random. Just
>want to mention that sometimes 'Talons of Doom' are a sign of a
>medical disorder. Some people just have tough nails of course,
>but some have a problem. It could be Nail Fungus or some other
>problem. It may be helpful to talk to a Podiatrist or Family
>Physician about this. There are medicines for Fungus. I do know
>that with Medicare in USA, there is (or was, as recently as 1995)
>an 'allowable' treatment for nail cutting by a Podiatrist; this
>is considered a medical treatment in certain circumstances. HTH.
>I am not a health care, nor a health insurance professional. I
>could be wrong!
>> Just talked with a woman yesterday who gives her elderly dad pedicures and
>> she uses a Dremel tool, using the finest bit she can find, for smoothing out
>> his "woodlike" toenails. Sounds kinda peculiar, but those pedicure kits have
>> the battrry powered files, so don't know why this wouldn't be good too. She
>> says it works great.
>> Martha in IN
>> > I have mentioned my problem with my DH and his Talons of Doom here in
>> > the past. The man rakes my quilt backs with his toenails and leaves
>> > parrallel cuts with thin strips hanging off. He is sheer murder on my
>> > bindings, to the point where I now make them as narrow as possible and
>> > have gone to often useing the type of binding that is just a wrap from
>> > the backing (which is a royal pain to get a mitered look on).
>> > I took myself down to the hobby shop one day and got me some kevlar
>> > thread (it is used frequently for something on the flying kind of
>> > model airplane). The stuff cuts easily, frays like crazy if you try
>> > and machine sew with it, and I can definitely say that the fabric will
>> > tear before the thread breaks.
>> >
>> > I think I am going back to regular bindings, getting a new one of
>> > those little foot jacuzzi thingies, a full line of pedicure stuff, and
>> > some serious bribes for DGF (Hey, _I_ am not getting near those highly
>> > toxic and clearly dangerous appendages if I can con somebody else into >> > it!)
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