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OT Beavers!
I had been thinking that our bitty patch of inland wetland was a spring tha t had been allowed to bog up. Nope. We have a beaver family that moved in and made themselves to home. We will be keeping an...
3 years ago 2
Much Needed Break
Hello All, Just wanted to tell everyone that I am taking a break from quilting an d giving my apt. a really good cleaning, then put up my Christmas decoratio ns and finally last is the Christmas...
3 years ago
OT Tis the Season
A lot of people make donations to food pantries this time of year. I just came back from helping inventory at the one nearest me. They are in trouble. The one closest to you probably is as well. Ours...
3 years ago 2
Trouble with the tension disks
My thread gets stuck tightly between the tension disks and then breaks. It was sewing just fine off the quilting frame and I was using embroidery thre ad. On the frame it's all the time. Changed the...
3 years ago
OT Finally Closing!
After much fuss and bother we finally have a closing date! We close this Friday. I got the confirmation from the lawyer this morning. The seller's lawyer d ragged their tail about getting ours the...
3 years ago 9
Nancy Zieman
I just read on where Nancy Zieman passed away. I wanted you all to know. Barbara in FL
3 years ago
The Waterway Quilt
Hello all, This quilt is simple and has several different colored fabrics mostly greens and 1 gold and the wavy fabric is shades of blue and green. Made mostly of 2 1/2 by 9 1/2 inch rectangles. I...
3 years ago 4
The Bargello Quilt
Hello All, Have any of you make this quilt before? I just got through making a sm all one for a single bed. In the very near future I want to make two more . These are so striking and colorful. The...
3 years ago 2
Conway Arkansas stores
My daughter is going to grad school in Conway. I?m going to visit h er next week. Are there any quilt stores in or very near Conway? Thanks, K arin Hello Karin, Call you daughter and ask her to check...
3 years ago 1
Taking a Break From Quilting
Hello All, I am taking a break from quilting as I just finished a 3 1/2 inch squa res sewn in rows quilt top. Think I had thirty rows of these and these are really colorful quilts because of all the...
3 years ago
The new Featherweight
The Singer company has apparently revived the featherweight: Actually, this machine appears to be a quite new model, introduced within the past year as near as I can determine, but whether or not they...
3 years ago 5
String Quilt
Hope you all have made a string quilt before. I love to use up my left over pieces of material from previous quilts. This helps to get rid of a lot of material. You do have to sew these strips on a...
3 years ago 2
OT, but not totally: another Amazon gift certificate for giving blood.
Recently, I got another Amazon gift certificate for giving blood, and I am pondering what to do with it. I recently have looked at several videos on YouTube and elsewhere about machine quilting with a...
3 years ago 4
Nancy Zieman
I've never seen one of her shows, but it seems she was one of the good people. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- e m a i l : j a c k @ c a m p i n . m e . u...
3 years ago 3
Celestial Quilt and more
I finished my Disappearing Pinwheel mans quilt and it turned out really good, where you start out with a huge pinwheel and the re-cut it, then rea rrange pieces before you assembly it. I also finished...
3 years ago