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Butterfly Fling
Hey, Butterfly! Have you seen Moda's new Butterfly Fling line? Julia in MN Howdy! I've seen Butterfly fling! She can fling hamburgers in a skillet, fling a meal onto the table, fling quilts across the...
11 years ago 3
Bird Applique BOM
The Bird BOM link is the 2008design so it you like birds? jennellh
11 years ago
When HUGS keep going
Hi everyone Quite a while since I last posted -life has been a bit hectic. My best friend of over 21 years has been battling breast cancer at various stages over the last 16 years and earlier this...
11 years ago 7
Motzarella users...
do you read through the web? Outlook Express? I must be have a senior blonde moment but on their webpage I can't find the info I need to set it up through OE. Can you help? Well, if this goes through,...
11 years ago 17
OT sort of Machines
On our usual days off trip, DH & I stopped at an estate sale this morning. Seems an old fellow died and in his garage there were four sewing machines. One in a cabinet - not for sale, what looked like...
11 years ago 25
Knit Fabric Search
Hi Guys, OK -- this is for those of you who shop for apparel or home dec fabric online. I am looking for a source for knit fabric in a holiday (Christmas or winter) design. I only shop for woven...
11 years ago 11
Tote Bags
Hi, I've been lurking on your group for a long time and have gotten lots of wonderful ideas from you all. I saw this program on PBS last spring I think and when those cute little purses came up I just...
11 years ago 6
OT: Venting--what is wrong with me? (very long and whiny)
I'm not even sure where to start. Last night David and I had the absolute worse night. It's all my fault. I'll admit it, I had a tantrum. I'd had a migriane for 2 days, which probably didn't help. It...
11 years ago 14
OT Halloween Joke (hey, Polly!)
Two brooms were hanging in the closet and after a while they got to know each other so well, they decided to get married. One broom was, of course, the bride broom, the other the groom broom. The...
11 years ago 5
My first attempt at using Google Groups
Have to say I have been away for a bit, posting that is. I have kept up with my reading though. Yes, I have lost my comcast newsgroup and am dispondent. ~sigh~ I tried another free access, but...
11 years ago 15
excellent patterns and online tutorials
it has amazing range of patterns of Australian designs and designers at really great prices and an online video tutorial library! tinks
11 years ago
Winston's new friend
I brought home a 3month old long haired little lady yesterday and I have named her Samantha (aka Sammie-cat). Winston is slowly getting to know her as are the other two can see her pictures...
11 years ago 12
The IQA awards are posted. Not all the pics are up yet friend won a prize for Master Award for Thread Artistry! Great quilts! Cindy
11 years ago
Embroidery Designs
Embroidery Supply Embroidery Design US$3.50All Embroidery Design available for immediate downloadAll Embroidery Design Free CONVERT for all embroidery or sew...
11 years ago
I achieved a quilt - before the baby was born!
Hi everyone. I just finished a little and simple quilt to send to my DH's niece. As far as I know the baby is still in utero. This is my second finished quilt ever and has had to be done in the spare...
11 years ago 12