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Happy Dancing
Hi I have finally finished my redwork quilt top. Took me long enough! I embroidered all the blocks myself. It's going to remain unfinished for a while since there are no grandchildren in sight yet! If...
11 years ago 6
OT: Halloween decorations
This is cool -- I'm almost tempted to try it... !
11 years ago
OT Introducing Misty kitten
Kathyl said it would be OK to post sleeping pictures, as this little one is too fond of dashing about. and no modelling sense at all >g< So, I've managed to get a few onto my Flickr site. There are 6...
11 years ago 70
On and OT: in packing mode
I am in the panic packing mode right now. We leave on Monday for our 5 1/2 months in Florida. I've been making up some "kits" to do while there, but just found out my BFF's youngest is getting married...
11 years ago 2
OT some very sweet cat pictures on Flicker
'm really not much of a cat person....but how could anyone resist these pictures? Beautiful pictures...beautiful cat eyes! Hummmm I guess it's not really OT. There is a quilt in the picture! Oh dear!...
11 years ago 6
Red Lake Project Update - finally
Okay, so for those who are relatively new, a number of years ago there was a shooting at the High School on the Red Lake Indian Reservation in Northern Minnesota. I began a project collecting quilts...
11 years ago 8
What a Happy Dance!
Three blue ribbons and a color picture of one of the quilts in the newspaper. YeeeeHa. Not my quilts, even better. The friend I have been teaching wiped out the competition of 130 other quilts and has...
11 years ago 20
OT.. a joke..
I love this one! Enjoy! A man walked into a bar, sat down, and ordered a beer. As he sipped the beer, he heard a soothing voice say, "Nice tie." Looking around, he noticed that the bar was empty,...
11 years ago 2
australian quilts down under magazine
Does anyone have copies 108 and 109 of this magazine they would like to sell or trade for? TIA, Taria Help us a little, Taria. Are these old issues or something very recent? There are a few among the...
11 years ago 2
Almost a Meet-up
Last weekend DH and I made a trip to Iowa to surprise a friend who was in desparate need of something to cheer her up. Her stepson and GF are expecting a baby next month so I made a couple of quilts...
11 years ago
What would you do?
If you could "magically" have all the necessary skills and equipment to create ANY quilt you wanted.... what would you create? Me... I would hand-quilt to perfection... my perfectly needle-turned...
11 years ago 17
Dear Jane Quilts
I recently heard of the civil war era quilt - "Dear Jane" - it's so pretty! All those little squares! Has anyone here ever made one? Steph Not me (not yet but I bought the rulers). However there are...
11 years ago 26
Can anyone do word of the day, or do you have to be a linguistic prodigy?
How about Spatterdash? It's in my RBD (Really Big Dictionary) and they were a sort of cross between a gaiter and a spat (no Polly not your sort of Gator) and was generally used in WWI army uniforms to...
11 years ago 9
I am temporarily unlurked and being driven nuts!
Hi everyone, In the brief respite from arguing with tradesman about the house we're building I'm trying to hand quilt a smallish quilt (a hug, is that what you call them?) for DIL. I just can't seem...
11 years ago 12
Tipping the Quilter
I take my quilts to a quilter whose prices are a little high, but her work is beautiful. My question is should I also give her a tip? The last time I paid her, I had the feeling she expected one....
11 years ago 12