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Fiber Arts & Animals Festival - Oct 3 & 4, 2009
Hello, We are starting a new two-day Fiber Arts & Animals Festival in Marshall, Michigan on October 3 and 4, 2009. We are joining an already established one-day event that has attracted 3000 to 4000...
11 years ago 8
OT Hurricane
I've just finished checking data coming from the buoys in the Gulf of Mexico. Since I live in Mississippi I checked the one nearest to where Huricane Katrina came in 3 years ago. Seas are 15 feet....
11 years ago 9
Name that Quilt Block!!!!
a fun little quiz to while away some free time. i've just found it, not taken it yet so cant say how well i'll do. have fun!! j. that's a hard one....on the expert level....I guess I'm not much of a...
11 years ago 5
Doggie bandanas
Piper is heading off to "Therapy dog" training classes now and he's asked me to make him some bandanas - naturally he wants the words "Therapy dog in training" emblazoned on each. What is a good...
11 years ago 26
I have a basic Kenmore machine that I've had since 1990. I was working on some stuff tonight sewing like a jack rabbit and just all of a sudden the machine slowed down to a turtle's pace. Now don't...
11 years ago 3
Echo quilting photos
The question raised by Miz Polly reminded me that I still had an unfinished table runner (waiting for binding) in one of the piles! I've posted photos of it because it is an example of echo quilting....
11 years ago 15
Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric--direct link to
in WI That fabric line is also available at Hickory Hill Quilts
11 years ago 1
Finally able to quilt again, need help with sons quilt
Hi, ya'll. My name is Shaylee and I stumbled across this site and decided to join. I was hit by a drunk driver about 18 months ago, right after Christmas. It pulled and wrenched several muscles, broke...
11 years ago 4
Eddie's (Ted) Quilt made the local press.
))) Well done Eddie/Ted. How nice that they took special notice of a unique piece of work. . In message , Eddie writes Thank you Patti Eddie's 2010 Selsey Quiltshow quilt is now on the blocks ready...
11 years ago 18
Ping John
My DH would like to get into woodworking. My son needs a new dresser, and so DH thought if we could find some plans perhaps he would give it a shot. I know you do your own creations without using...
11 years ago 7
Life returning to normal
finally after three years. We in Mississippi don't have all the LQS or SM dealers returning after the storm. Even Joann Fabrics left never to return. BUT....... We are having two... count 'um... two...
11 years ago 8
Pfaff machine
Hi, I'm in a quandry and thought maybe one of you would know. I picked up Mom's Pfaff 2124 and took it to the local Pfaff shop hoping they would take it on consignment and sell it for me so I wouldn't...
11 years ago 15
While taking a class today on projects to reduce stash, we were asked if we had to move ....would our stash fit into a small pickup, a dump truck, or a tractor trailor? We had several in the first two...
11 years ago 25
Preemie quilts
What size is best for preemie quilts? I seem to remember someone saying a FQ? but I can't wrap my mind around them being that small. sigh. Some of you will remember my friend Evie (husband very sick &...
11 years ago 8
PA National Quilt Extravaganza-Harrisburg, PA
Did anyone go last weekend? It was nice, but not as large as last year. We heard rumors that it will be held in a new location next year. I got to see lots of patterns, fabrics and gadgets, and a one...
11 years ago 1